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How dare you make unfounded assumptions about me. What are you, 12? Short of saying, "I know you are but what am I", I don't think you could be more childish.
I couldn't agree more.

Tourmaline, it concerns me that you are holding so tightly to the fact that you are the only "modder and listener" here and by extension that anyone who disagrees with you - or perhaps the concept that clock mods or other jitter reducing mods might not have such a significant impact on fidelity - could not possibly also be listeners or modders. Even to go so far as to now label them in your mind as "readers". This is certainly not a healthy and useful way to have a discussion.

For the record, I've built more than a dozen amplifiers over the years, as well as dacs and a few CDP mods (listened to others as well) and done enough experimenting in the studio with different word clock generators to form an opinion. This can only lead me to reiterate the opinion I've previously put forward on this thread: That I still maintain that WRT bang-for-your-buck, clock mods provide the least amount of benefit possible, particularly against the claims of those that sell them.