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Moving up from the UM1s?

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Hi all
the gearlust itch has been bugging me for sometime and i'll love to hear some opinions from you guys after much lurking around the forums

Been using the UM1s with my iriver clix and ipod classic for close to half a year and they're my first IEM purchase and a pretty decent upgrade from my mylar X3s
my take on them are as:

Comfort : 7.5/10 on shure olives
Build Quality : 8.5/10
Fit : 8/10

Soundstage : 5/10 (They sound very closed up but again its an iem...)
Clarity : 6.5/10
Bass 6/10
Lows 6.5/10
Mids : 7/10
Highs : 6/10

Complains are that the bass sound muddy on most songs and generally cloud up the entire sound and the soundstage seem a tab too enclosed...but overall i enjoyed the UM1 experience very much for i very much favour a warm and smooth sound.

The easiest recommendation i could possible upgrade to would be the UM2 i suppose...retaining the same sound signature with improvements over the the various sound departments but the availability of triple drivers and customs at a topup of < US$100 ( i live in singapore) sounds too tempting a deal to not consider

Currently i've shortlisted the following iems
Freq show/Super Freq
Triple Fi 10s

i'm leaning towards the customs since they seem to offer the best comfort/fit and value
triple fi 10s are great but i had an issue with fitting for the sf3 and sf5

what do you guys think?
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Livewires are great, I would have bought those but i bought M8's instead...
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