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Has anyone tired to recable these or is that considered sacrilige?

If so, any recommendations? Toxic, Whiplash?

I had my PS500s recabled with Whiplash TAwg v3 and its awesome for classic rock. MSPros would be used for rock and classical.
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So I had sold my MS-Pro's some years ago. When I owned them I had them modded with the distancers and gs1000 donuts. I had really enjoyed them, but was never sure if my distancers were sealed well enough, as I had used blue tak for attaching them to the phones. I ended up selling them and went another direction. Had always missed them, they were very unique in their sound signature, very nice subtle energy in their sound reproduction, well balanced overall. Am excited!

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Allow me to join the fanclub. I have gotten my MS-Pro's a few months back, and this thread was partly responsible for that decision.

So far, no regrets. Amazing sound, great grado mids and a tight bass.


I am currently running it off a Schiit Valhalla, but I'm not really happy with that particular combination. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good sub-1000 dollar tube amp to pair with the MS Pro?

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Three months later and not a single reply to this post. The RS1 thread gets constant attention and new owners on a regular basis, but yet the MS-Pro's thread has the sound of crickets and tumbleweed passing by.  Crying shame such a beautiful sounding headphone gets so little attention :( 

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Agreed. I've been away for a while but unfortunately I'm not that qualified to answer these questions. RE Valhalla tubes... Have you considered changing tubes? Personally, I believe the Asgard is best for the MS Pro as a sub $300 desktop option. I use a little cmoy for my portable listening still smily_headphones1.gif ...
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I have my MS-Pro hooked up to a woo WA6-SE and in my humble opinion, it is fantastic! Better sounding than most rigs 3x the price.

And $1050.
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Hi, I recently acquired a used MS Pro a few days ago. This was my first expensive headphone purchase prior to my SR125i which I had for really cheap.

I have been lurking at threads, looking at different pictures of different models, modding, etc. I found a specific topic that got me curious amd paranoid at the same time.

How come my MS Pro's doesn't have a damping "stuff" at the back of the drivers? All of the mid to high-end models contain these said goo, I am quite worried that mine doesn't. The drivers are black and have no markings in them, the wires I assume are the recent 4 conductors per channel.


Is this any chance that this might be transplanted drivers? Have I been duped? I don't have any experience on these things, I only have the SR125i to compare to. MS Pro's do sound better and that's all I can tell. I can post pictures if need be. Please enlighten me on this. Thanks and happy holidays everyone.

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Mine have the goop on the drivers but they are an earlier version with the single wire cables.


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This is mine. Is it possible they have a batch without this goop? I just need some confirmation if these versions exist or it's just on mine and I just got ripped off.

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No one else would share their pictures and expertise? I really need your assertion on this. I can't sleep just thinking about it. :(

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I did a bit of searching to look into different versions and found three variations,


Early models with fancy font, square metal adjustment rods and black goop,



Mid version with different font, square metal adjustment rods and black goop. (same as mine)



Latest version, round adjustment rods, possible four core cable?, but unfortunately i cant find any images with a clear view of the driver.



Am i right in saying yours are the same as the last one?

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Yes, that's the same color and rods. I emailed Alessandro, they said they can't confirm since it was bought used. All I need to know is that if this version without the goops do exist. If genuine or not, I don't know I would be able to tell since I'm no expert and I've got nothing to compare it to too. Not much love from fellow MS Pro owners... or not much love from MS Pro's at all.


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Here's a copy of what I wrote privately to Berick, it might be of interest for the cummunity.



Generally, a MS Pro is very hard to open, I would say, almost impossible without damaging or destroying the wood housing. Secondly, a cheaper SR60/80/125 etc. or a MS1 system would sound like ass in a MS Pro wood vincinity, as the smaller models need that tubeish plastic construct around them to sound right. Consequently, it is not very likely that you've been robbed with fake systems. I think the missing dot has rather to do with american industry culture, it has simply been forgotten. That does not mean necessarily that you have a bad sounding model. The dot with my MS Pro systems didn't survive the shipping procedures (I needed exchange systems after getting metal dust into it), and it sounds top notch. Furthermore, Noxter & me made examinations about that stuff on basis of our MS1, the differences between "with dot" and "without" were nonexisting.


If your MS Pro sounds different or weird, it has rather to do with quality spreads IMO. All manufacturers have issues with that (even AKG and Sennheiser). I've listened to lots of identical HPs side by side on meetings (e.g. K701, DT880), and the sound differences were astonishing. But worst of all in that respect were the Gradessandro beasts, I fear to say. So if you got a bad sounding model, get rid of it. But wait until you've made the MS1000/MS PRO Ulti mod completely, we had synergy cases of mediocre sounding stock models which sounded better than all others after the mod had been applied. If you don't get such a synergy wonder, sell them.


In respect of that special recording you mentioned, maybe it's the recording that is bad, and your other gear was just too polite. A MS Pro has much better detailling abilities than a SR125...

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Ordered my pair today. I'm just wondering if my O2/ODAC combination would do them justice. What do you guys think?

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Originally Posted by tupi3 View Post

Ordered my pair today. I'm just wondering if my O2/ODAC combination would do them justice. What do you guys think?

Definitely! I have an ODAC and Fiio E5, and it plays nice, certainly better than straight from the laptop. I'm also planning to get the O2 since,AFAIK, the cheapest neutral amp. So, it well definitely pair well with the MS Pros. If I want a warmer sound, I'd use my Fiio X3. Enjoy your headphones!

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