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Auction off a Millett for a good cause!!

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Originally Posted by GeWa View Post
I have an idea just tell me what you guys think. I have a Millet, well a populated board + populated buffer board, that I'm willing to put on auction for the good cause. It's never been tested or powered up so I don't know if I made any mistakes. All the stuff I built, up to now, always worked so you can decide whether you're willing to bid on it. The total amount raised can be donated directly on the account regarding this project, not to me.

Hi everybody

Above is my original post in this thread:

The purpose is to raise some cash to build an amplifier for a fellow forum member. So start bidding guys

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$5 bump!
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10$ bump!
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Now we are getting somewhere
I will let this run for a week or so to see how it goes.
Thanks guys.

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I am one of those last minute bidders
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25$ bump

p.s my plan is to trouble-shoot the amp, case it, enjoy it, re-auction it as a fund raiser for the next group build.
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$30 Bump
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$40 bump
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$50 bump
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$60 bump
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I got a question, in the thread that started this auction idea, on what was needed to make this a working amp. One will need a pair of tubes, a case, RCA sockets and a power supply.
Because it looks that we are going somewhere with this I'm adding a pair of 12AE6 tubes, so that's one thing you can scratch of the list.

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I'll add one pair of 12FK6 (shipped) to the winning bidder as well.
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80$ BUMP
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$100 bump
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120$ Bump
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