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Originally Posted by Arty McGhee View Post

Whats hiding behind that Rick?


These two.





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These two.



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1985 Ovation Legend. Picked this up from a friend over the weekend. This guitar has been played - and I mean a lot. There are wear marks on the fingerboard, frets could use a leveling, and there are several finish cracks, but it plays like a dream and sounds amazing. The top is gorgeous, AA Sitka Spruce, tightly grained with tons of silking. It looks like honey in the jar when the light hits it. The neck is worn smooth from playing, and has a comfortable V-shape similar to my Epiphone Masterbilt. You can almost feel the mojo when you pick it up.









Fingerboard wear.


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Maestro Phaser


Snow White Autowah

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Any love for Black guitars?



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after years of gibsons and hi end fenders, i've invested more in amps, less in pedals, and narrowed my guitars down to a an epiphone casino. looking for a jag/jazzmaster to even out my tonal variety. im a lefty, so that just became a life-long goal.. :( WOMP WOMP now if only there was someone on here selling a lefty sunburst jag/JM..... lol

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I recently picked up a Zoom G3, primarily for practicing with headphones.  However, the unit comes with tons of features and I'm really happy with the purchase. At $150, it may be the best audio purchase I've ever made in terms of bang for the buck.  It has 22 amp sims with cabs, and 94 effects.  Up to 6 effects and/or sims can be combined at one time.  Those combinations can be saved as patches and there are  99 patch slots available.  The unit also has a 40 second looper and a variety of drum rhythms to play along to.


Lots of routing options as well.  The unit can connect to your computer via USB for direct recording to your DAW and for very intuitive patch editing. You can also output through L/R 1/4" jacks, and through a balanced XLR output.  The XLR out also has the option to bypass the effects so you can record a completely clean track and reamp or add effects later but use the effects for monitoring.  As such the unit can also be used as a DI box and even has a ground lift.


The output of the unit can be optimized so it can be used in front of an amp, in an effects loop, with headphones or direct to a mixer, PA or powered monitor.  So far I've primarily just used the headphone out and with a Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor.  I've been pleased with the sound in both cases.  I haven't tried it in front of my amp yet as it still doesn't sound as good as my (mostly) analog pedal board.  However, I am strongly considering adding the G3 to my board to replace my reverb, digital delay and chorus pedals.  The time shifting effects definitely seem to be better than the overdrive and distortion effects but they are still very usable.  


Getting a clean tone with headroom is a bit of a challenge, but that has always been the case with modelers and multi-effects pedals. I was fine with the compromise because my main purpose for the amp was for practicing with headphones.  I don't need killer tones for that. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound that comes out of this box.  My initial experience several years ago with amp modeling and MFX left a lot to be desired.  But this unit sounds good enough to gig with, if need be (not that I gig anymore).  I still prefer the sound of my pedal board and tube amp, but the G3 really offers a lot of value. 

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Waited close to 3 years and finally she's here. :D




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Sorry for the crappy pic. That's after 2 hours of planing.


Using more efficient tools from now on :



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Originally Posted by Decreate View Post

Waited close to 3 years and finally she's here. :D



That's one gorgeous shade of red, congrats !


How does she plays ?

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Originally Posted by raymondlin View Post

Any love for Black guitars?


Indeed. That's one pretty PRS ;-) 


Those inlays look especially great on that fingerboard. What is it by the way, Ebony ?

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She plays good but like other Kelly's I've tried, there's quite a bit of neck dive...

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 Only got this 94' MIM a few days ago, in the middle of changing the strings on it now. 

 Got this with the other stratocaster, I don't know anything about it other than it was a good deal and sounds great. Both Strats Have been customized.

 And my prized possesion, a 94' Gibson Lucille in practically Mint condition. I love everything about this guitar!

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