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My one and only electric guitar, PRS 513. It's a versatile beast and best playing guitar I've ever laid my hands on. I still have a thing for Les Pauls, but I think the next instrument I'll get myself is a violin.



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Currently I have:



- 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Standard w/ GFS Fat Pat pickups and other mods (Main Guitar)

- 1980s Fender Stratocaster (E-series)

- Home built telecaster

- BC Rich Warlock that I painted

- LTD MH-100qmnt

- Sigma DM-4 acoustic



- VHT Special 6 w/ JJ Tubes running through a custom 1x12 cab I built. (Main Amp)

- Vox AD60VT

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A couple of my and amps are to me what headphones are you most of you.

I have WAY too many lol


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Just finished refinishing these...nitro lacquer

All I buy and collect is Made in Japan


Bacchus Jr African mahogany



And my keeper ESP Custom Ordered Jr in Honduran Mahogany, 1 piece...refinished in 5 coats of tung oil then nitro'ed with 3 thin coats.


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Originally Posted by Udonitron View Post

A couple of my and amps are to me what headphones are you most of you.

I have WAY too many lol



an understatement wink_face.gif 

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Well 40+ guitars & 15 or so amps is not too it? biggrin.gif

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Not all that bad I suppose. ( You just made me count headphones...let's just leave it at that. * insert crying smiley here *)

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Originally Posted by Udonitron View Post


Gotta love a Bigsby bridge.


My Gretsch Electromatic Corvette, hanging in the shop before I took it home. Bigsby B50 bridge.




I finally got a tube amp yesterday. I found an Egnater Tweaker 15W 112 Combo amp for $300 on CL. (Goes for $600 new.) Couldn't pass up the deal, and the amp was in my house less than four hours after seeing the ad. This thing has tone for days, and can get stupidly loud when cranked. Fortunately, the master volume lets you get good tone without getting the police involved.


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Haha yeah 15w is all you need.

Mic it if you need it louder!

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I have a album on face book of a few guitars I've owned which doesn't include all of my guitar!!\

I forgot a few more gibson les pauls and sg's and taylor's. But hey I have some nice ones like a gibson 59 with brazilian fingerboard, extremely early (I believe below first 25 made) breedlove, lp 80's signed by slash and eddie van halen etc etc. Perks of being in los angeles!!!!

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Sorry for the link you will need to sign in facebook and go through my albums. It's the one named "A few guitars I've owned" trust me its worth the extra steps if you love guitars.

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Here's my Photobucket library of guitars, amps and effects that I own or have owned.

Warning there are over 1,000 pics.
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