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Originally Posted by rlpaul View Post
Course, I learned the way all people should learn to play - on a classical guitar. Best way to build up finger strength and endurance!
This is fact.
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Was messing around with my camera a bit today, and took some shots of my guitars while I was at it.

First up, my Gibson Les Paul Studio:

And now my acoustic, an Ovation LX:

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I've just bought a new guitar.

A Fender Jaguar CIJ '62 Reissue, with upgraded Fender Mustang bridge and a Seymour Duncan SJAG-3 Quarter Pounder in the neck. In white, of course.

Can't wait for it to come.
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Very nice LP!
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Not much love for Ibanez ITT, RG2570 here.
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Originally Posted by Shirukii View Post
Not much love for Ibanez ITT, RG2570 here.
So why should there be in your opinion?
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Wow, that Les Paul looks amazing rlpaul....
Would love to get my hands on a Les Paul Studio at some point, the price has recently been lowered in Denmark, so I am very tempted.
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i have a 2006 MIM strat that was modified when i purchased it. With what, i have no idea.
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rlpaul - I love the frets on your LX.
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My Rig

Originally Posted by RokabillySwagger View Post
Just wondered who else rocked out and what you play. Bass players are always welcome.
My rig consists of a 2001 Les Paul Custom in Wine Red, a Diezel VH4, Bogner 4x12 Straight Cab, T.C. Electronics G-Force, Sound Sculpture Switchblade 8B, and a Rocktron All Access Pedal (and some other various effects).
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There are some beautiful pics on this thread, they make me a little jealous... my setup is pretty basic: red telecaster->line 6 pod->audio technica ath-a900. No pedals yet, and I would probably annoy the hell out of my roommates with an amp..
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Anybody excited about the new road series from Fender? I'm personally digging the honey blond tele that they're coming out. I have an 89 Epi Sheraton with stock pickups but thinking about going single coil.
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Originally Posted by EnOYiN View Post
So why should there be in your opinion?
They're great sounding and incredibly fast playing guitars, the wizard necks are the thinnest I've ever played on.
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1hr 30min documentary about the Les Paul, and Les Paul on BBC 4!
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That was truly fantastic.

Now acquiring some Chet Atkins, Les Paul & Mary Ford, and Les Paul & Chet Atkins.

Being so young, I didn't know that he invented/developed so much! He truly changed the music industry in a positive way. It's amazing the way he made his first electric guitar, his thought process. The shape and thickness they used to be (almost acoustic like), and the way he and his wife (Mary Ford) used to travel, recording in different hotels and houses (with the tape recorder he made) to get different acoustics, something no artists would have any understanding of now.

Loved his wifes voice when they sampled it on the tape recorder... After 30mins I was into this older music sound (if you see what I mean... Tape hiss, "bad" recording, tinnier) and I loved it from then on in...


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