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Bitrate Preference?

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What bitrate do you guys prefer when encoding? I recently started getting all my albums up-to-date in 320kb because I'm planning on buying new iems and I don't want the low bitrates to ruin my new experience lol.
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ALAC or WAV (Lossless)
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Due to my DAP's limitation, either >192kbps LAME mp3 or 135~215kbps VBR wma. Both sounds fine to me.
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I use the Lame mp3 encoder at the V0 setting, which gives me 200+ kbps VBR files. They sound really good; doubtful I could distinguish lossless for 90% of my music. In a few years mp3's will no longer be necessary, though, I would guess.
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I prefer Ogg Vorbis for smaller file sizes.
Right now I'm using q3, but hopefully when I have more memory I might do q5 or q8.
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Apple lossless for me.
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Variable bitrate here, anything between 2kbps and ~6470kbps.
Apple Lossless to be specific...
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WMA at around 320(it varies but is never lower than 306!) I find this gives exceptional sound through my sony NWZA826 and ety er6i's
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192-VBR-aac via iTunes for my portables...
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FLAC or OGG q8-10.
Occasionally 320 VBR MP3 and even more occasionally WMA Lossless.
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For larger capacity players, 4 to 8GB, using OGG@500Kbs which equals the highest Q level. For smaller capacity players, 128 to 512MB, using WMA@64Kbs. WMA@64 is outstanding for its quality of sound.

Some day lossless will get used, though.
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For Ipod use lame V0 (around 230Kbps vbr)
For home use I switched to FLAC. No reason to stay lossy with the current low storage prices.
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lame -V0

Lossless has a shot at sounding better, but -V0 is pretty far up the diminishing returns ladder.

I doubt it or 320kbps would ruin the experience
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In order of preference, depending on device:

Wav / CD audio
VBR (up to 320k)
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For portable use, I simply use 128kbps Ogg (aotuv). For my music archive on my PC I use FLAC level 8.
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