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Hi cgrums, finally got some time tonight to have a play around with this.

I haven't done it for a while so had to refer to my notes! Also had to install the software on a machine that I haven't used before. Now.. I used the 2.07 beta version of pony prog and it seemed to work just fine.

I have a screenshot of my settings here and have an idea why it didn't work for you...

After programming, it should then try to read it all back. I think mine stopped at 28% too (but it's a bit fast to see), and then it reads back to verify. My guess is that the hex file only uses 28% of the memory (and hence stops writing here) and that your problem is in the verifying not the programming.

I think, what you may not have done is to set the interface to AVR I/O. Please check my screenshot and compare with your own settings, and let me know what happens.

I see I need to improve this section of the manual as well


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for taking the time to help me troubleshoot; I'm a mechanical engineer and my programming skills are woefully underdeveloped.

I have the AVR I/O selected but when I attempt to probe the connection it responds with

'test failed'

I wonder if it's something in my parallel port?
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No problem. Is the port that you have selected LPT1 or some other port? Either way, can you check in device manager (right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager) that your parallel port in there has the same name?

Also, is this a real parallel port, or is it a USB>parallel converter or similar?

If you can easily try this on a different machine please do, it's actually a very quick procedure once everything is working!

Something else you could try, can you make sure that all of your connections are ok, by measuring from the pins of the parallel cable to the pins of the AT2313 and making sure that you get the expected impedence?

Let me know what you find.
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Ha! Dug an old 32 bit computer out of the closet at work (the only one with a parallel port) and it worked just fine! Wrote and verified no problem. Thanks Jamie!
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Excellent pleased you got it sorted! Let me know how the rest of the build goes.
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For anyone who is interested, I have added the source code for the WM8805 software control to the first post. You'll notice that I have written the deemphasis support as much as I know how to but that it is commented out. Feel free to experiment with this, I haven't because as far as I am aware I don't have any CDs with deemphasis!

The file extension should really be .c but the forum won't allow uploads with that extension.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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I (mostly) finished my Jambo DAC yesterday. I am waiting for some shorter TOSLINK cables to arrive. I panel mounted everything and put the DAC PCB at an angle. I'm a bit upset about the case as it's not what I envisioned. I expected about 0.5" more room between the panels and due to that, I couldn't squeeze everything in with the orientation I initially wanted to use. Anyhow, this works, but I had to spend a bit more than I wanted for panel mount bits. I need short TOSLINK cables to go from the PCB to the panel mount barrel connector. Unfortunately the shortest I could find online is 1 ft.

This DAC is very nice, with a good amount of options. Soundwise, I'm still acclimating to it, but so far it isn't as lush as my Buffalo 1.0 but offers a very good amount of detail. It's colder in tone. That's not a bad thing, just a different presentation which may work well with my Bijou.

I tried to cheap out a bit with this DAC, used CAT-5 for the LED and switches, SPC for the SPDIF and RCA jacks. The RCA jacks for the output that I initially got (gold plated from some online tube store) were crap, and stripped as I put them on. I used the closest thing I found in my parts bin.

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Holland, can't believe I never replied to this, great to see a Jambo DAC in a box!


FYI everyone, I'm currently at home and can post out DAC kits this week so if you want one get in touch quickly!


Also, exciting modification about to hit the design thread...

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i am very much interested in this design, is there any info about this modification yet?
Do you still sell kits and has the price changed much since your diy audio post?

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Yep kits are still available but I spend most of my time in West Africa with work so I have limited opportunities to send them out. Not certain which mod you're talking about but I guess it's the LCD screen, it's still a bit buggy but hopefully next time I'm home I'll be able to devote some more time to it.


Drop me a PM if you're still interested.





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