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The Beatles have had a more fundamental impact on modern music than Pink Floyd. However, I personally prefer the music of Pink Floyd.
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Originally Posted by ozz View Post
I like them both but more songs by The Beatles than Pink Floyd.
Same. Beatles just have too many good songs.
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We're all entitled to an opinion, but when I think of the Beatles I think of Top 40 and bubble gum music. When I think of PF I think of orchestra compositions and layers. Help, Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields & etc have a gummy bear feel to the music, whereas I am carried away in the steam of music from Shine On, Hey You and etc. Whether it be PF's The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon, the music is coherent and blends into a greater story than the individual composition. In fact, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole with PF. I can't think of a Beatles album I can say that about.

But hey, that's me and MHO.
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I may be wrong but it seems The Beatles music is copied more than any
other group I can think of country artists have used their songs different
rock artists have used their songs and they have been put to orchestral
arrangements that i call elevator music just can not imagine any one going
through life not recognizing one of their tunes.
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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post
Pink Floyd is far more complex than the Beatles? Not even remotely as complex as the Beatles..............Pink Floyd had more advanced technology to make more glistening records, that's all......but melodically and lyrically, The Beatles are more complex, especially melodically.
Amen. Generally, I can't stand discussions of musical "complexity," but I'm really glad someone responded to that.
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I've always been a stout Floyd fan but Jeez, it's not even close:

Beatlemania! You simply had to be there...
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i think the beatles are obviously more important as far as the larger scope goes, influences, and ground breaking, etc.

but pink floyd has had much more impact on me, and ive spent more time listeing to them, and they just mean a heck-of a lot more to me. no offense to the beatles, they are awsome too. just not as emotionally meaningful to me
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I think it should be taken into account that audiophile-minded people will definitely gravitate towards Pink Floyd more than the usual rock listener. I think if this poll were put up in a non-audiophile oriented forum The Beatles would be winning by a further margin.....but its still an interesting result.
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I feel pink floyd is more timeless in terms of style so I gave the nod to pink floyd. Love them both though
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Originally Posted by fredman22 View Post
Beatlemania! You simply had to be there...
That's it right there! I've argued for a long while that the Beatles were as much "experience" and cultural phenom as they were a band. Remove the experience from all things Beatle and they become just another band; make no mistake, a dang fine band, but just another group that rode the wave that was the '60s. The Beatles may have been at the head of that wave but they were far from being the whole thing...

I'm not sure how many here also visit Steve Hoffman's site. It's amusing to imagine the response to this poll over there. You can get banned for suggesting that the Beatles are no longer relevant and that Paul McCartney is not in fact God. You can also forge diamonds in most of their arses but never mind that... The Beatles would win by a landslide and many, many Floyd fans would be ridiculed into submission.

Sorry about the potential thread crap. I voted Pink Floyd cuz it's the right thing to do.
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Although I think The Beatles are one of the greatest bands as a whole
their work independently was not equally as impressivive to me some
hits and misses.
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I like some of the Beatles' stuff and theyre unquestionably more influential than PF, but PF is just SO much better to me. It was said earlier and I agreed completely: the Beatles sound a little too bubble-gummy to me; some of it is almost embarrassing to listen to. It's the same reason I can't listen to some of the early floyd stuff. There's some kind of mix of bubble gum pop and english taste that just immediately turns me off.
As for the complexity thing: I'm not sure how you could say that the Beatles' music was far more complex...love isn't an exactly uncommon theme in music history. Waters is a damn great lyricist, IMO better than McCartney/Lennon...not at turning a rhyme (they're great at that) but just as far as substance and meaning goes. Almost all of PF's songs make you think about the meaning whereas alot of the Beatles stuff comes across as shallow. I'm being a bit harsh, I do like the Beatles.
I really wish the media would stop treating the Beatles as the only classic rock band to ever exist (well, except when PF or Zep or another random group does a show every couple of years). I think a big part of the reason this poll would be favoring the Beatles on your average forum is because the Beatles are just talked about SO much more than other bands in the media, so the average joe is going to more often than not be exposed to way more Beatles stuff. A little off topic, but it's kind of amazing how unknown bands like PF and LZ are with the average person in my age group (20-25)...alot of times people will say like "I thought PF/LZ was a person." haha
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Gonna have to go with the beatles as they're works are more accessible and you can just 'pick up and listen'. Pink Floyd is more intense.
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Love them both, but the Beatles for sure
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Definitely Pink Floyd for me.
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