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FS: Senn HD600 w/cardas

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I'm putting up my beloved Senn HD600 with Cardas cable up for sale. I'm the original. The Senn will come with original cable and box with packaging.

Price lowered to $275 plus shipping for the set. Shipping shouldn't be much at all, if in the states.

You can PM or email me.
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Make me a reasonable offer.
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New price bump!!! And that's as low as I can go.
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$275 for the HD 600 with Cardas cables??? This is one of the best headphone setups on the market, with a retail price of $400-$600, depending on where you buy everything. Great deal!
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Thanks Mac!

Ok, first person to commit gets them (just to let all interested parties know).
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For 275 dollars...this is very impressive headphone. A1000 can't match this. Grab it when you can.

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Yup... sale's pending.

thanks again MacDef and purk.
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