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Audig2 or M-Audio to replace SB-Live for both music and gaming?

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I'm getting a new soundcard, and I'm considering either M-audio Revolution or Audigy 2. The most important thing is the quality of the music-playback, but I'm a bit of a gamer too.

I enjoy listening to music while playing, but as long as my framerate doesn't drop significantly, I'll go for the M-audio.
(I'm currently using an old Soundblaster Live.)
I ONLY use headphones when listening, so multichannel performance is of no interest to me.

I heard that someone had problems trying to play high quality MP3s when using the M-audio soundcard, and as I rip music from my CDs and compress it (using LAME) to 320kbps, many of my MP3s are of good quality. I must be able to play them!

Will the M-audio work fine for listening to music while gaming (or using other CPU-demanding programs)?
Will it give me a lower in-game framerate than my current SB Live?
Will it play high-quality MP3s?

Thanks for helping me out!
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Unless you have a very fast CPU, frame rates will suffer with the Revolution.

On the other hand, the sound quality of the Revolution for music is superior.

The best compromise is the Audigy 2 Platinum EX, which is a step above the regular Audigy 2, but it's fairly expensive.
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Thanks, I'm considering that one too, but it costs about twice as much as the Audigy2/M-audio...

I don't know about the current prices in the US, but in Sweden the M-audio and the regular Audigy2 cost about the same... M-audio is a little more expensive.

If I'd buy an Audigy2, would it still be a major step-up from my SB-Live?
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If you're in Europe, you should go for one of the Terratec cards, either the DMX 6fire LT (much cheaper than the regular DMX 6fire) or one of the Terratec Aureon cards. They reportedly sound as good as, or slightly better than, the Revolution for music, and they're properly accelerated for games. Also, the digital output is pure, it doesn't resample to 48kHz. A no-brainer for those that live in Europe. These cards are hard to buy in the USA.
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Originally posted by Wodgy
Unless you have a very fast CPU, frame rates will suffer with the Revolution.
Only if you're trying to use surround sound in games. Other wise stereo is the same performance as other cards.

I've had no probs w/ Revo playing music.
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Originally posted by bdjuf
I hear there is ABSOLUTELY no differnece between the Audigy 2 and the Audigy2 Platinum CARDS
its only the external bay your paying extra for

please correct me if Im wrong
Despite what Creative (and some online reviewers) have said, the regular Audigy2 cards still have 48kHz resampling issues. See here for measurements:
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I just tried an Audigy 2 platinum EX on my new machine. I thought it sounded very good when it was working. Problem is, it didn't work very often. It would crackle and pop like crazy. The software was very buggy and the Cubasis VST that came with the bundle wouldn't install.

Like I said, when it worked, I really thought it was excellent and I wanted to keep it, because it did everything I needed it to do. But I am sending back the second one tomorrow and will be trying a Revo (for mch/dvd playback) in tandem with an Audiophile 24/96 for recording. I really wanted to try the Terratec 6 fire, but I just read too many negative comments by owners having problems to give it a go.

I hope I've done the right thing...

Cheers, gb
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Originally posted by gbeard
I hope I've done the right thing...

Cheers, gb
How could you have not? It's obvious the audigy card is giving you problems, let us know what happens with the revo card.
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how is it obviously the Audigy causing the problems? certain Chipsets have had much more to do with it. not to mention, simply moving the card to a different PCI slot can fix the problem most of the time.

i had the same problem with the Revo, great sound, but it never worked. and it's not even close when it comes to gaming.

i have a new computer now, so i'm considering going with the Audigy 2 for games and DVD Video/Audio, and getting a Revo for music.

if you have the money, that seems like it would be the ideal setup.
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I've never heard of Terratec before... Does anyone have a personal experience with the DMX 6fire LT? Well, I guess I managed to rule out the Audigy2... M-audio or Terratec?
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I'd be interested in anyone with a real world experience with the Terratec Dmx 6 Fire. This morning I got cold feet and decided to wait on my purchase. The Terratec is everything I want and need. I don't really care about gaming. I want to do vinyl to cd transfers, MD to cd transfers of field recordings, some home mixing for dvd authoring and dvd playback. Last after all that would be gaming. The problem is that if you do searches on the Terratec, they seem to have a lot of problems.

I have a new computer with most of the bells and a couple of wistles. A P4 chip, Asus mb, Sata drives, ATI 9700 AIW video, etc...

Anyone here own one?

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I ordered a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space. It was cheaper than the M-audio (!), and it seemed like a nice deal to me.
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gbeard: Well, I've tested the DMX 6fire some time ago for the magazine I'm working for. Nice card, lots of features, good build quality, nice sound. There seemed to be some trouble with Win XP initially, but the same was true for Soundblaster cards. Any remaining problems are usually due to resource conflicts, which can be solved quite easily if one knows what to do...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Like you, I'm mostly music (headphones) and some gaming. I recently went from the SB Live Value Turtle Beach Santa Cruz to M-Audio Revo. SB Live to Turtle Beach was a huge step up in quality. Going to the M-Audio was another step up in quality, but I have big problems with it pausing music briefly whenever either IDE bus is accessed. This is very annoying and nothing I have found or tried fixes it. My CPU is an AMD T-Bird 1.4, not the latest but it should have enough to handle this.

I'm strongly thinking of putting the Turtle Beach back in and selling off the M-Audio.

I'm not sure if you can do this (being from Sweden) but Circuit City (.com) recently had the Turtle Beach for $30-40 US after a rebate. In that price range its a no-brainer to me.
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