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I read the DIY guide. It looks like it is quite a time investment for a novice. I think I would rather buy one. Has anyone had good experiences purchasing cmoy's off ebay? Or, is head-fi a better source of sellers?

I'm still on topic since one of the posters claimed the 75's sound much better with a cmoy!

Originally Posted by tomb View Post
Most CMoy's are probably found on ebay these days. Do a search for "headphone amplifiers" and you should get 4-5 pages that include several listings for CMoys. Some have their own websites and can be purchase directly outside of ebay.

The real key to a CMoy is building one, however. The defacto standard tutorial for that is on Head-Fi user and famous DIY-er Tangent's site:
How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier
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Originally Posted by guyx1992 View Post
Hi folks...
I realized that for walking / running the IEMs aren't that comfy. I saw that the Koss KSC75 are highly recommended for running.
I found them at 27.97$ shipped from eBay, worth it? (sealed in original box)
BTW, I know it's a bit pricey but it was the only seller that was willing shipping to Israel. (Here the KSC75 costs 50$ before shipping)

Thank you
Yeah. You could get them for less I guess. But they are worth every cent of the $27.97.
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Originally Posted by matt_wants_hp890s_again View Post
I discovered a fix for this. By putting the Koss inside my Sennheisers, I get that comfort without having to mod anything.
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I say got for it. My original pair had an unfortunate accident involving a puppy and I actually ended up buying another pair I enjoyed them so much.
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it's actually good, i have one
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Hey.. Thnx for the link and excellent tip on the band.. I bought 2 of them just in case..I think I'm gonna get another pair of KSC's..

This band actually makes it look normal and I'm getting some soft leather pads also ;)

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They're great for running! At first it's hard to get used to the clip on thing but hey it's all forgotten once you hear them.  They really are what everyone says.  And I also think its good that they don't block noise from outside so you can be aware of your surroundings if you run outdoors, then on the other hand if you run at the gym where there's always music for everyone to pump up, you'll have to turn up the volume a little bit haha.

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