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FS: 4 Logitech Z560 satellites + control center

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wanted to see if anyone would be interested in grabbing these. selling 4 of the satellites and the volume control module. one of the satellites has the diaphragm in the front around the horn torn but it does well i dont know since i dont have a receiver. the other 3 work just fine. same with the volume control.

i can take pictures if needed. this is just a feeler post though to see if anyone is even interested.

the satellites are 53 watts each. the sub was damaged during transit from college to home.
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hey jones how r u?


i have the z560 system but my control center died :S  do u still have it ? and how much for it ?




Thanks in advanced

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just realized its been like 3 years since u posted this, hope u still have it,   ill be waiting for ur answer .


tnx :)

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