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Asr, I truly appreciate your review of the Pico amp.


Often seen as the 'holy grail' of headphone amp, you pointed out the obvious limitations of portable amps, which most reviewer barely mentions. It might be the holy grail of PORTABLE headphone amp, together with Predator, but they still have their 'obvious' limitations. Bottom line, it's probably as good as it gets in the PORTABLE realm.


Anyone thinking of getting one should take note of that. It took me a while to get that in my head with all the glorious reviews around.

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Since this is a bit dated... Does the Pico still hold up to current standards in both dac and portable amp by today's price/performance standards?
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I think it would still be in the top tier of portable DAC/amps, although I was a little happier with the Pico DAC + Slim combo.  


If you don't need to use it with an analog source on battery power, the DACport seems to be just a little better but not by a huge amount.  The differences are subtle, where I thought the DACport sounded a little more refined and spacious with my Macbook Pro.  But for my iPad, I still find the Pico DAC to be the best portable DAC for rejecting jitter with the iPad + camera connection kit.

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I have the RSA Intruder, Apex Glacier, Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII and the HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp. The Pico is still my favourite for sound (the Glacier slightly better suited for my portable use given the form factor and ability to bypass USB charging when connected to my phone).

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relatively new here, but I wanted to share a discovery I thought was very important.


I've been happily using Pico DAC/amp for the last 3 weeks or so.  What an impressive little amp!  It can drive my IEM's (Tralucent 1+2 with gold/silver cable, Ocharaku Kaede, and Fitear 334) to a near speaker-like sound experience.


However, to optimize the sound of Pico DAC/amp when used with a laptop PC, I find it is CRITICAL to connect Pico DIRECTLY to PC's USB port using a A-male Mini-B-male adapter.  Doing this will MOSTLY or COMPLETELY remove hardness/harshness from the sound you've been hearing throught this amplifier.


The sound is MUCH MORE natural and detailed, even compared to a top-quality USB cable like Mapleshade Clearlink Plus USB cable, which has the reputation of being one of the most clear, natural, open USB cable in existence (seriously, on an absolute scale). 



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I have a (rare) orange Pico DAC/Amp in stock, modded to work with Samsung phones. Brand new, never shipped. customer no longer wants it. I would like to ship it today with the rest of the orders going out. PM me if interested

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