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Sold my iPod 80g Classic to Joel. Everything went smooth as silk.
He paid instant and kept me up-to-date with all the payment,shipping info.
A real pleasure doing business with him ENJOY my friend!!
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Joel bought my Grado RS2 package. Communication was excellent. Joel was not ready for the RS2, but he was consistent on his communication, which convinced me to hold the package for him till he's ready to complete the transaction. He also kept me updated when he received the package.
Excellent and pleasant transaction.
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Joel sold me his Sennheiser PX100. Arrived in fabulous condition after a bit of delay (entirely not his fault). Thanks very much!
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I bought Joel's iBasso D2 Boa. Express Post from WA to NSW only took 2 days! Very efficient operation.

Unit in great condition, thanks!
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I purchased a Yuin PK1 from Joel. It's come with excellent condition. He's very good to deal with. I'd be happy doing business with him again.
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purchased a set of Shure SE530's from Joel, communication was good and item exactly as advertised - thanks.
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I bought a female ZY LOD from Joel, once again. Fast shipping, good communication and a pleasure to deal with. Would definately recommend. Thanks
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I brought a standard eBay LOD from Joel. The package was sent in a safe and timely manner and communication was open and friendly. Thanks mate, Highly recommended.

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I sold my LD MK V to Joel, it was a great transaction! Great communication, updated when the amp had arrived also was quick to paid!

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I bought a Yuin PK2 from Joel again. It was shippped quickly and great packaged. Joel is an excellent seller and I just can't stop buying from him. Thanks again Joel!
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Joel purchased my DT990s. I'm so happy that it's going to a great home. Joel was great throughout the entire transaction with quick payment, great communication, and very pleasant . I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks Joel and enjoy the new cans
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Purchased his AKG K601. Item was shipped out quickly, and the fees were reasonable. The headphones were also packed properly, which is nice.

Thanks mate! I'm loving the K601 at the moment!
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I bought Joel's Travagan's Red amp. I am very happy with the way it drives my HD-600s. The amp arrived promptly in perfect condition, due to his meticulous packaging. Joel was a considerate seller and a pleasure to deal with.
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bought a cowon u5 from Joel and recieved it exactly as described,

he was extremely nice and helpful and constantly updated me on the proceedings of the transaction.

world class act is an understatement

would buy from him in a heartbeat again,

thanks mate !
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