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Golden Monkey

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Positive feedback!

Sent me some material free of charge (no shipping either!) to mod. my headphones.

Very fast shipping, friendly, and overall great person.

Thanks again!
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True Head-Fi'er!

Ideally, this is what Head-Fi should be all about!

GM sent me assorted materials to mod both pr of my Denons, completely free of charge....he didn't even want his costs for shipping.

He is a stand-up, great guy & a true head-fi'er....highly recommended!

Thanks again GM!
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I also received the Denon modding materials and just wanted to give some public thanks and kudos - the MONKEY rocks!
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picked up my Woo+. Great member, very helpful and always willing to give helpful info to members, new and seasoned alike.
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I bought some Denon AH-D2000's from Golden Monkey and everything went very smoothly. He is a very nice guy to deal with, communication was excellent and the shipping was very quick. I would definitely buy from him again.
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GM bought some tubes from me, he was super easy to deal with and I'd certainly do so again without hesitation.

Happy listening!
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Great guy to buy from!

I bought GM's Little Dot MKV. The amp is rockin' and GM was the absolute greatest to deal with. He even gave me a few extras that were icing on the cake.

It always amazes me what great people you meet on Head-fi and GM is a perfect example. Highly recommended!
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