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Funny a few people chimed in about Pink Floyd:
Us & Them
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

but I have one to add:
Dogs of War

What's best is that you can find all these songs on 1 CD (well a 2 CD set):
"Delicate Sound of Thunder"
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Dire Straits - Your Lastest Trick, Two Young Lovers, Ride Accross the River

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edit: Oops, didn't see it mentioned already. Well I'll recommend their entire catalogue then (which is fairly small) as I believe all but one or two songs contains sax solos.

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Well... not all sax solos but all these have great brass sections.


"A Night Like This" by The Cure

"Hey You!" by The Cure

"Icing Sugar" by The Cure

"Reward" by The Teardrop Explodes

"Chant No.1" by Spandau Ballet. People are gonna say "True," which has a smooth sax solo but the brass section in "Chant No.1" rocks.

"Tears Are Not Enough" by ABC

"Popscene" by Blur

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yeah, Morphine must be the last word in cool-but-warm sax: puresexysounds


also Zu,

not exactly pop, but that depends on your pov...

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Duran Duran - Rio


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Boots Randolph, Yakety Sax.

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One of my all time favourite songs with two killer sax solos


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A little obscure but...

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Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - most of his songs
Glenn Frey - The One You Love
INXS - Original Sin (dance mix)
Mark-Almond - Home To You
The Doors - Touch Me
Traffic - The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys

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Read all before, and wow there are a few I hadn't heard. Just wondered why Hazel O'connor's "Will You" (from the film "Breaking Glass") hadn't featured in anyone's list. Ok, it's all down to our individual taste, but this must surely be up there somewhere.

Enjoy it if you've never heard it before.



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Another obscure one but very good:  R.E.M. - Fireplace.

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Two of my particular favourites are The Gumbo Variations by Frank Zappa and Get Ready by Rare Earth.

Gumbo is in two parts - the first dominated by Ian Underwood's sax and the second by Sugarcane Harris's electric violin.

The sax parts are extraordinary. Underwood gets a range of extreme noises out of his instrument that I have never heard the like of. Get Ready is the Motown classic, but given 23 minutes of airtime in which (as in Trad Jazz), each musician gets an opportunity to strut his stuff. The sax bit is very good.

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miwa yoshida. she has only 2 albums though

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