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Bench vise to open &!## iQube? - Page 2

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I think we should open a contest called "Who open the iQube faster?"
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7:29 AM... confidently unpack 4 AAA alkaline batteries, take out IQube manual

7:31 AM... correctly align iQube up in hands, according to instructions/video, begin pressing

7:37 AM... still pressing, thumbs getting sore

7:39 AM... grab cloth, sweat pouring off forehead, use cloth to wipe forehead, grab another cloth, use it to get renewed grip on iQube

7:45 AM... begin lubricating with profanity, still pressing and pulling, still no movement, thumbs and wrists aching

7:56 AM... don welding mask, fire up blowtorch

I still haven't made any progress whatsoever, not even opening a crack.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Indiana Jones and the iQube Battery Chamber

8:00 AM: giving up. I'll try it again later, after my temper and thumbs have recovered.
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9:03 AM... return to the battle, armed with credit card. I figure if I can't open the case, I can always order a new one with the card.

9:08 AM... finally succeed in exposing a hairline crack between the case and the battery cover on the side with the single tab. With gentle and steady work, I manage to insert a credit card in the crack, slowly widen it

9:10 AM... first side pops off. I gently wiggle the tab back and forth a few times, to loosen it up, then start working on the other side

9:26 AM... I manage, after much struggle, to expose a hairline crack in the second side. The key here is to have the first side almost, but not entirely, closed: I used a plastic library card to keep it cracked open while I pushed down and out on the other side, using a rough cloth to get a better grip. I insert my credit card in this crack on the second side, gently work the case up, and finally pop off the second side. I gently wiggle the two tabs back and forth a few times to loosen them up.

9:31 AM... success! The cover pops off, after repeated manipulations of the first and second sides, getting the angles of pressure right.

Conclusions: At least in my case, getting the case off the first time IS a matter of brute force and sweat, contrary to the experience of the poster above. The tabs were so stiff, with so little wiggle room for movement, that the only way to make progress was by forcing a crack open by dint of patience, persistence, and struggle, then widening the crack with the help of a plastic card. I was additionally hampered by the fact that I have no fingernails to speak of, and no strength in one thumb (due to a bike accident years ago), making it doubly difficult.

Much as I love the iQube sonically, I have to say that this battery cover is one of the worst designs I've seen in years, maybe ever. It would be nice if the resellers could loosen up the tabs a bit, pop the cover off a few times, when they first install the batteries, prior to shipping the iQube out to customers. That would have saved me much time and frustration, I think.

I put on the cover and popped it off a few times. It's not as smooth as butter, but it's definitely doable now in a matter of a few seconds.
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same for me at the first time,but no worries after that
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Originally Posted by denniscarrie View Post
same for me at the first time,but no worries after that
X2....now seconds!
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well I am in the band of losers right now

just spent an hour ... took 10 minutes to open first side and 50 minutes of swearing and frustration with no success on the second side ...

Guess I just have to try again later

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A good thing to keep in mind is that once you've opened it and installed your rechargeable batteries, you shouldn't have to do it again for (at least) a couple of years or more!
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