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The right IEM's are hard to find

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Background -- like many posters here, I really like the Grado SR60 sound. I've had a set of Senn CX300s for a couple years and decided to try something better. The CX300 is not well balanced. Boomy bass, can't handle highs well, and doesn't sound natural. But they are light and reasonably comfortable.

I tried the Q-Jays. The sound quality is good. The detail is very good, maybe a little too good, because I found them very analytical and not punchy. I like a little punch to the sound, listening mostly to rock. They also weren't particularly comfortable. I think it's because you have to insert them deep into the canal.

So I tried the UE Super.fis. Soundwise, I liked them a little better than the Q-Jays, but they are different in character and I think people will differ on this. The SF's do not have the high end detail. The bass might not be as deep as the Q-Jays either, but they are much better in the punchy department. The problem I had, though, was that when I turned up the volume it actually hurt my ears. I think there is some emphasis in the lower midrange that causes this. Also, comfort is borderline. I tried all the different methods, and I could get a decent seal, but the over-the-ear cord method is a bit of a hassle, and they never felt really good. So I decided not to keep the Super.fis either.

In the meantime, I bought a pair of Yuin PK2's, and they are great. The sound is better than the SF5's, in my opinion. A bigger, more open sound. And they are more comfortable. The Yuins are a no-brainer if you want something portable and you are not in a noisy environment.

So I would still like to have a pair of IEMs for the times I am traveling and need some isolation. I got a pair of Head-Direct RE2's from another board member. Good deal, and I now have something decent without totally emptying my wallet. The RE2's are not the holy grail. People say the PK2's lack bass. But they have significantly more bass than the RE2's. That would be my main issue with the RE2's. They are really not punchy at all -- somewhat thin sounding. What I do like about them is they are very light and reasonably comfortable. (As with most IEM's I've tried, I use the large single flange.)

That's the end of my IEM saga, at least for the time being.
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umm, to my experience, sony low end IEMs (EX-51 or EX-71) is a lot PUNCHY than super.fis and maybe you can try bose IE, but they are not very welcomed by head-fier's (or audiophiles).
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You might want to try Denon C551 and C700.
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RE1s with amp are plenty punchy...
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I've spent some more time listening to the RE2's. They're really OK if I make sure I've got the best possible seal. The bass is not abundant, but at least it's there and the sound is reasonably balanced. I'm almost thinking there's something to this "burn in" concept. I'm going to call it an "adjustment period."
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After all the IEM I have now, RE2 still stands as great sub$100 option. In fact, I just spent half the afternoon listening to it. If you can, try the big bi-flange or Comply T400, which give slightly more bass than single flange.
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