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UE10 vs. UE11

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I know this has been done before but I did a search on this topic and didn't come up with nearly as many results as I would have envisioned. So...

If you have had the chance to listen to both the UE10 AND the UE11 please post your opinions here so that we may all enjoy your listening experience and curse your wallet for having had such a golden opportunity.

Also, you can post your opinions about either model. Neutrality. Bass. Hype. Over-hype. Placebo. Whatever floats your boat.

Just so you know- I do have the UE10s. I love them but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of those getting their UE11s (yes, this means you Mrdeadfolx- you bastard).

So let it out. Let me know what you think. Whatever it is. It'll do people good to read what you have to say- good or bad.
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Try searching for posts by the following (since they have owned both):
  • jude
  • digihead
  • Tyll Hertsens
  • joeshambro

Hope that helps
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Thanks, chowk. I would still like to encourage people to post here with their experiences, though.
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UE-11 is more bass, more drivers, more sound, to sum it up! i'm in the same boat as you tony, i have the UE-10. i'm not sure if i want to upgrade since it'll render the $950 i paid for the UE-10 useless. i'm still trying to lie to myself that the UE-10 is the best of the best!
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That's the problem with these IEMs. I don't think there is much argument about them being the best IEM money can buy, but when the next model comes out, you gotta feel like you are missing out. Any plans on a UE 12? I wouldn't buy a UE11 unless I knew it would be 3+ years before the next one would be released.

Also, the resale value being $0...
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Originally Posted by robm321 View Post
Any plans on a UE 12?
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i own both...i have owned the 10-Pro for a few years now and have always thought it was the best thing i've ever heard. i had some fit issues with it and had to send it back twice to be satisfied with the fit. (FYI the audiologist i used didn't use bite blocks or have me keep my mouth open for the fit) i get a seal with them but have never been fully satisfied with the fit. sooo, i decided to go to a different audiologist and get the 11-Pro. the impressions were noticeably deeper and got the perfect fit on the first try. now my answer to your question. the 11 has more bass for sure. i like the fit better, and i had artwork on them and not the 10s so i find myself using them more, BUT i've used my 10s a bit since receiving the 11s and i seem to find myself preferring which ever one i'm using at the moment. when i'm listening to the 10s i say, "wow! these sound great. i think i like them better than the 11s." and when i'm listening to the 11s i say, "wow! these sound great. that extra bass is really cool. i like these better than my 10s." so i'd say if you want the neutral keep your 10s and be happy. if you want your music colored with a little extra bass (it's not what i'd call "too much") then get the 11s
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Great post, Hoppergrass. I think that when you approach the elite IEMs your ears are going to enjoy their particular sound signature no matter what. That's not to take away from the particular flavors of different brands (Shure, UE, etc).

I just think that Hoppergrass hit the nail on the head. If you listen to the UE10s for a couple of hours you are probably going to hear things during those 2 hours that sound fantastic (after all, you obviously love your music). Then if you strap on the UE11s the next day and do the same you're most likely going to fall in love with their sound for many of the same reasons.

I don't doubt that the UE11s and UE10s sound slightly different. Am I going to pay another grand just to hear that difference? No way. Well, maybe if I hit the lottery I will but that's still pending.

Here is why I am happy with the UE10s- In MY opinion I want the most neutral sound possible. Why? Simple. When the artist made the recording he/she recorded it the way they wanted you to hear it. If they wanted to warm up the bass they would have done so when they recorded it in the first place. Personally, I want to hear what Pete Townshend had in mind when the Who recorded Tommy. Sure, I could warm it up, changethe equalizer, change phones or whatever. And there isn't really anything wrong with that; it's just not my thing. It would be like putting on sunglasses when looking at a particular painting so that you see it differently. You CAN do it. No one is telling you that you can't or shouldn't. I just don't want to.

So... I am happy to say that my UE10s are still my top choice BECAUSE of their infamous neutrality.

Still... I AM dying to hear the UE11s. It's just not going to happen any time soon unfortunately : (

That's my two cents.
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Hi Tony,

I feel exactly the same as you do, so cannot see myself upgrading to UE-11's
in the near future. I'm upgrading parts of my home stereo currently, and this may include HD600 or 650's for home listening.

Still, when I've completed this ..........


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Geez Tony, a little more present on the boards lately I see! I'm pickin up my UE-11's tomorrow night, and I must admit Im more than a little giddy to hear them. Too bad I dont have 10's to compare them, and never will. I hope theyre everything Im lookin forward to, but you know how I am, brutally honest mcgee. Ill talk to you on MSN and let you know what I think of em, and post impressions in my own UE-11 thread.
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I am getting the ue-11 also but I don't and will not have a ue-10 to compare it to
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John Reeves- I'm glad someone agrees with me. Haha. It makes my UE11 envy a lot more manageable

I can tell you right now that the HD600s are f'n PHENOMENAL cans. Supposedly the 650 are better, of course, but if you wanted to save a little money I can vouche for the 600s. As much as I love my UE10s the 600s really have far superior soundstage. I have zero upgraditis when it comes to those cans.

medeadfolx- Yeah, I've been a little more active. Things have been slightly slower at work so I have to occupy myself. Haha. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the UE11s. Let me know what you think of 'em. Give them time, though. Don't rush your impressions. Your ears have to adjust to them a bit.

To everyone else... the more comments the better. UE10s. UE11s. Let's go, people!
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