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hi, have you done bussiness with www.divertech.com before?
I sent an email to them last Friday, but there's no response so far.
I want to buy the MG HEAD DT from them, cause the price in headroom is $329 now!!!
But their lack of response makes me not so comfortable.

On the other hand, audioadvisor is very very helpful.
I think that's why they are so successful.
I'm looking forward to do more business with them, well, when I've saved enough $$$ for the next wave of spending.

So please tell me if you know anything about divertech.com.
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They do not sell directly to customers, they only distribute to retailers.... So you should ask them for local retailers that carry their products, or order them online from a site like headroom...
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They are relatively small. Send another e-mail and they will direct you to a retail store. If you are out of area they will sell you direct.
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Thanks Thomas.

I live in a very small town in Canada, so I don't think I can get it locally.
Maybe I should ask them if there's any dealer in Halifax.

oh, $329 is a little over my budget.

Maybe I have to switch back to OBH-11. $199

I'm using HD-580.
Hopefully the difference is not that much, hopefully.
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Thanks RCA

Thanks RCA,
you guys are really nice.

I'm going to send another email to them now.
thanks again.
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