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Big Beat? House? Techno? Rap? Drum & Bass? GRADO 325!  

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Just so we're clear here, don't make me say this again.

Out of a big ole box of headphones: Grado: RS1s, 325s, 125s, 80s, Music Series One. Beyer: 770s, 990 Pros, 831s, 931s. Senns: 495s, 580s, 590s, 600s. AKG: 240s, K55s, K66s. Koss: A200s, R80s. Sony: 7506s, 7509s, CD2000s.

Plus 10 other lower-end or cheaper headphones no one cares about. Plus many earbuds (mostly Sony) and even ER4s.

These are not phones I previously listened to. These are not phones I previously owned. These ARE phones that I currently have. I can compare any of them instantly. It's a Good Thing. (albiet an Expensive Thing)

The reason you like these types of music is the reason you must use 325s. It's as simple as that. Almost every one of those headphones above is kickass, and I listen to most of them alot just because I own them. (truth be told, I toss them in a tangled mess into a box - now don't get disgusted, they're safe and unharmed... and easy to grab if the house catches on fire!) One day I'll do my own Headroom-ish Wall I Phones as an art display.

Someone recently posed the question
Where's Apheared when you need him?
Well, here I am. But c'mon, do you think Vert would steer you guys wrong? He knows. Alot of people know. 325s are the only choice.

If I HAD to rank some runner-ups, they'd be 125s followed 7506/9s. Just know in advance that you're settling, these are not the primary choice.

But that's just my opinion.

edit: typos
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Originally posted by Apheared
... what will people think? What does someone with 8 Grados need a 9th one for? hehe
Apheared, what would you know about Grado headphones?!

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Oh, Apheared, two head-fi'ers that, I, like, both look up to disagreed on whether or not even the mighty SR-325's could be adequately powered to loud enough volumes get the "whump whump whump" effect with these types of music with only a 5 mW minidisk player. And, suppose, just suppose, that, theoretically, the maximum budget, for amp AND a set of headphones was $250...under the price of the SR-325's, I believe. What then, Apheared?
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I think some of the people who listen to that kind of music (this isn't meant to be taken wrong, I listen to some myself periodicalloy) would prefer, say, the MDR-V600's and 700DJ's.

You can tell who they are when they pull up next to you at a stoplight and you can hear the boom, boom of their music through their closed windows and your closed windows louder than the music in your own car.
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OOO!!! Apheared! What pads work best with the SR-325's for this purpose, and where do we get em? or would the sock mod work best? How about the radioshack pads? the radioshack pads with holes cut in them?
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Ok, it's implied that they are good recordings and actually posess some kind of detail and soundstage/presence/ambience... if you're buying mix tapes from that dude on the corner with the xerox labels jewel boxes, than anything that plays [b]loud[/i] will do. Also if the individual is trying to recreate the bass he gets from his 50cu ft. bandpass box dual 15" sub in his trunk, nothing is gonna satisfy him.

If your budget for headphones and amp are $250, then I'm sure everyone will agree that no matter what you get for whatever type of music, you're settling. A classical fan isn't getting a Head and HD600s for that price either. $500 opens up a lot of choices that $250 limits. I'd get phones, then get mad because my source couldn't drive them... that would motivate to spend that extra money you never planned on spending on getting an amp. Trick yourself.

I was just pointing out that of the phones, these are the ones. Driving them properly, that's another story. I couldn't listen to 325s on a 25mW amp, that wouldn't even block out background noise. 5mW? Fuggittaboutit.

Course I'll trade them all (cept for one set of 325s) for an Omega II and 007t amp. Any takers?
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Since the flat pads increase coupling, they'd provide more bass... So old-style flat pads would probably be better than the bowls.

God knows, I can't stand the treble of RS-1's with ANY vocals with the bowl pads, where it's VERY nice with the flats.
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Yea, apheared, you've always been one for ungodly powerful amps...at ungodly loud volumes (what dB level DO you listen at? Ever measured it?)...Anyways, it's not me with the theoretical problem, it's Paradigm, the dude I was trying to help in that big gigantic thread that you got my quote, "Where's Apheared when you need him?" from... Anyways, the stuff about the pads was just personal curiosity, though, but, maybe we should point him towards your advice, O Holy One of Very Loud Bass.
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i agreee, the 325's and the cheep Grado's (125, 60, 80) impressed me much more than the other grado's... I think the 325 is by far the best Grado, way better than the RS serries. The 325's have impat, clarity, and is musical, without the harshness of the wooden Grado's...

I still prefer Sennheiser hd600 (and the koss a/200 ) to these, but that's because of different tastes.
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Ahhh... I'm not going to qualify it. They are the ones. Many phones go lower, but have no impact. Grado Impact(tm) is what makes it.

Comfys. Bowls have slightly "fuller" presentation, but as Odeen says the vocals/treble will take your head off. It's also dependant on the recording / amp of course - but for general use, comfys. (I'm also an itchy ear sufferer of bowlscratch) Flat donuts aren't worth discussing unless you can get Grado to restart production.

I didn't want this to turn into a rampant discussion, just wanted to state that of that respectable collection of headphones - 325s are the phone of choice for the musics in the subject line (and other "punchy" genres)
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Apheared, am I reading this correctly? Are you actually giving up your trademark (expendable) SR80's, or are you just saying why the 325's work for this type of music?
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Very unlikely. What Apheared was saying is simply that the Grado SR-325 is the best cans to listen to techno/trance/rap music (at least of those cans he has in his collection).
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Rut, correct. Quite so. The 80s have a special place in my heart, especially the first twice-repaired-under-warranty battle damaged experimentally abused original ones.. my babies!
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The 325's have impat, clarity, and is musical, without the harshness of the wooden Grado's...
thomas, I have the RS-1s and the 325s, and to my ears, the last thing I would say about the RS-1s is that they are harsh. I find their sound to be warmer with more body to vocals than the 325s. Both have tremendous impact and clarity, but neither equal the Alessandro/Grado Music Series Pro in those departments. Now those are clear!
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Dang it guys,

After I got the Grado HP-2's and Senn 600's , along with my Grado SR-60's and Senn MX-500's, surely I was done with headphones.

Then, you guys keep posting about 325's, RS-1's and MSP's...

Damn you all to hell...
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