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Can you recommend a laptop hard drive?

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I have a white 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook, and just noticed there's about 2GB to spare on the hard drive.

It has the factory 80GB SATA drive, but I'd like to go to 250GB and I'm willing to spend up to $150. Maybe $200, if the drive is really good.

A 16MB buffer would be nice... not too sure about going to 7200RPM. It would be nice, but I'd rather not take a hit on battery life. I'd like one with an excellent reputation for reliability, as well.

So, does anyone know of a good one?
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I've read very good things about the WD Scorpio 320 GB and planning to get one myself for the Macbook. Would be in your price range.
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I find Seagate's 5 year warranty hard to overlook, could be the difference between paying and free on a replacement. I have no experience with their laptop drives, but I have had very good reliability from their desktop drives and their warranty service when needed has been excellent as well. I anticipate getting one for my laptop when I go bigger.
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Go 7200, unless you like waiting for applications to fire up.
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I installed a WD Scorpio 320 GB in my MacBook and works just fine. The waiting olbueyez refers to is not a significant problem to me. The 7200's are faster but last time I checked they did not have 320's, only 250's.
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i have both seagate and a wd in my xps laptop,

hmm if i had to have one id go for the seagate, my primary, its a 200gb 7200rpm 16mb buffer, havent had a seagate die yet!

my second drive is a 320gb 4000rpm archive drive, ie dvds and backup, and sits in the cd drive space
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I got a Hitachi 200Gb 7200rpm HD and it's essentially as fast as a desktop HD, with reads up to 70mb/sec. It's also essentially silent, doesn't get hot (doing a drive clone it barely got warm) and uses little power. Now that 7200rpm 320Gb WD is coming out though, it'd be a tempting upgrade if it's anything like equal. Hitachi is the go for notebook HD's though.
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Thanks for the help, everyone!

I went to Fry's this afternoon to pick up a new drive and came across a nice Seagate 750GB USB drive. Realized that it would work with the AirPort and Time Machine, so I decided to get it. I'm emptying all my photos onto it right now.
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Originally Posted by saint.panda View Post
It's available in the UK already. What an incredible hard drive it will be considering the 5,400rpm version already tops other manufacturers' 7,200rpm HDDs
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