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Just ordered a pair of Ultimate Ears Metro. fi 2 IEM's, and I was wondering...

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I got them from Amazon.com with one day shipping (They ship via Amazon.com, nor Earphonesplus, or etc, etc). I recently viewed a thread today that said "What's going on at Ultimate Ears", apparently I see some people have had complaint's about the left earbud not working after a few months or etc, including in reviews on Amazon as well. I reallly hope I'm not throwing away my money with these . I take great care in my earbuds (I currently own a pair of Brookstone Surround Sound earbuds, which I payed 30 bucks for) and they haven't broken yet. So, with the care I put into those, would I have to worry about these possibly breaking?..
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I don't know what the actual reliablity of UE's products is. They clearly have their fair share of failures, but whether it's an unusual number relative to the competition I have no idea. I'm personally a bit skeptical, but that's just my gut. The housing cracked apart on my super.fi 5s after about three months worth of daily use and you can find a lot of reports of this same problem, including the claim that they had changed the way they were built to prevent it... so, uh, why did mine break in the same way? Me, I'm still waiting for the person who had super.fis or triple.fis for at least 18 months, used them regularly, and hasn't needed to send them back for an exchange. I'm skeptical enough at this point of UE's product reliability that I wouldn't bet this person is any more real than bigfoot or the loch ness monster. However, since these triple.fis do sound oh so very good, I would be happy to be proven wrong about that unfounded suspicion

On the up shot, what usually kills their products is that their plastic housing is prone to breaking apart, and, sometimes an armature dies. The metro.fi series is not subject to either of those problems. On the other hand, their dynamic driver series are too new to know anything about with certainty.

The only thing that does appear certain is they do honor their 2 year warranty without quibble: you have receipt, you send it back, they send new ones for anything that looks remotely plausible. My complaint, and why there are so many posts in that thread is that they handle this part very, very unprofessionally.

What I have learned from this three to four week frustration is that you need to call them, and you need to demand they send a replacement immediately and you aren't taking no for an answer, otherwise, they seem to do things at their own pace without keeping you updated.
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Ah. Well, I actually ordered another pair, that I thought was this.
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Originally Posted by Ryan41488 View Post
EDIT: WRONG PAIR OF EARBUDS, sorry. I ordered the Ultimate Ears-Metro.fi 100 Noise Isolating Earphones, NOT the metro. fi 2. So with that in mind, can anyone tell me what's different about the 100's from the 2 series?..
What would be different regarding the unknown reliability of their dynamic driver phones? The only difference of note is that they're only warrantied for 1 year.
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Oh, okay.
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My super.fi's 3 have been going for 15 months without a break, at school, work, or just through everyday use. I've just had them replaced due to a blockage in the driver (really my fault).

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Hm. Well at first, I thought what I ordered was the Metro 200's. Is that set better than the 100's, or is the sound and feel the same?..Some dude, who did a review on fakeheadphones.com said that they sounded flat with the Ipod...Could this be that he just had one of the store models/prototypes, or could that be the actually thing?..Since, I still don't seem them on UE's website.
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my super fi pro has been great for the last 2 years. metro fi? mine(not metro fi 200, just the old one metro fi) been great since they're here and it's been almost 3 years. metro fi isn't bad but now it is more expensive than before. i think there are better options, of course unless you're mostly want bass.
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My Metro.fi 2's got messed up pretty recently after a trip to D.C. and back. The mesh grill and the stuff behind it somehow fell out of the unit on one side, and the other also lost it's grille.

But the damage was probably because of a year of rough usage. Really good IEMS for the price. Just make sure you DON'T lose any of the eartips, they are really expensive to replace.
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