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so i was wondering if anybody knew the best ear protection for a decent price *decent being under $50* what are your sugestions and where to get them. i am going to be working in a noisy enviroment *auto repair shop* and would like to keep my ears as healthy as posible. so that i can enjoy my cans even longer. i also plan on useing them whenever i got to concerts. so perferably a plug that dosent show. well thanks in advance.
post #2 of 5 has a good selection of earplugs. You might also want to keep a pair of Etymotic ER20 as backup in case you don't want to isolate too much.
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I agree, I work in an auto repair shop myself and have found the Etymotic's mentioned above are good if you don't want to completely isolate yourself from other sounds around the shop.
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Just want to add that, you probably won't want anything above -25dB or else you will cut away too much sound and actually makes it more dangerous in workshop. Though the ER20 is rated at -12dB, the actual performance is closed to -20dB (Etymotic points out that the low rating is because of the difference on how the rating is calculated over all freq.).
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i seen a pair of customs that are said to alow you to have a conversation without going "WHAT????" alll the time.. i think by sonomax? and they are also in my area too.. canada that is... as for the etys i have a set of marshmellows that do seem to isolate quite well. no idea what the nrr rateing on them is.

edit: i dident know the etys were actual plugs i just might have to look into a pair.
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