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Originally Posted by hybrid.e View Post
uLilith (Unicode OS, I believe Windows 2000 and up)looks to be in test phase so if you want to check it out. There isn't a configuration/preferences section as of yet.

Index of /download/uLilith
good point! the latest version is only a few days old:

it does gapless FLAC of course
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Thanks for the link. I don't quite like the looks right now though
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there's zillions of skins on the official site

well, it sounds as good as Reclock...but different, tell me your thoughts and I'll tell you mine

I currently run it in 16/44.1 w/ ASIO4ALL
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Ok i'll take a look at it. Can you give me the exe link of the latest on so that I wont make a mistake of trying a different one
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exe: Index of /download/uLilith

decompress "2010-02-06_Core2.7z" then overwrite w/ "2010-02-06_SSE2Diff.7z"

skins: FACE collection
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Thanks. I'll check it out later today
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it also seems to do WASAPI btw, but I can't get the skins to work...maybe they're for lilith and not ulilith.
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listening now and I cant hear a difference between this player and foobar 1.0 on windows 7. They sound identical. I used to be able to hear the differences of all the different players with vista. I think It might be because of windows 7... I dont know.
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anyway it does gapless on FLAC/APE, and you can cache the file in RAM...and on XP it really kills, love it
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it even does gapless on MP3..which is IMPOSSIBLE in foobar AFAIK.
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my foobar is gapless with mp3 on w7
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O RLY? well it clearly isn't for me...not on this live concert I have, I think foobar can be gapless only if the mp3s come from LAME and have the right header or sumthing.

anyway, it's really too bad you can't hear a diff between foobar/Reclock/uLilith+ASIO4LL on W7...coz man, is there a diff on XP

W7 really doesn't seem like an upgrade to me(forcing a fixed sample rate and all), I'll wait for W8 mid-2011
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It might not be too bad because it could be that W7 makes foobar sound as good as this player on w7 instead of lilith sounding better than foobar on xp. w7 might have cleaned up the code where it makes the differences of these players moot. In other words, maybe foobar/W7 still sounds better than xp with whatever player you throw at it is what I'm getting at. Ive heard linux is even better still.
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well, there's sure been a lot of changes...like the mandatory fixed sample rate in the audio config...both the VIA and Musiland Monitor drivers only carry an "auto" sample rate option on XP...so W7 might not only be an improvement because m$ says so.

of course, the whole system is based on very tight timings thanks to HPET: Guidelines For Providing Multimedia Timer Support

anyway, yes I will try it soon or later...but the diffs are so huge on XP between all these players, and uLilith sounds so good w/ ASIO4ALL...that I might just take my time

a good OS needs very tight timings and a low latency/low jitter bit-perfect oriented audio engine...Linux has an edge because it can be made to work in realtime, windows is not meant for realtime...so you throw data and hope for the best
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hehehe I like that one... Throw data and hope for the best hahaha. Why are we not using linux by the way ... We should have a separate computer just for audio with Linux running
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