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You can open the readme text in the Lilith folder in the Chrome browser for an English translation of the Japanese......for an in depth tutorial

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Originally Posted by Nachash View Post

You don't need to install it, just start uLilith.exe and you're done. 

I tried that but am getting a not valid operation pop up.

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Did try an earlier version or download the latest version again? Perhaps it I a wonky download. You can email Northern Verse the author with your question. He is very fast with an answer.
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I believe this is the email address:webmaster@project9k.jp

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i downloaded this : http://www.project9k.jp/download/lilith/lilith0992.exe

last version april 2014


is there a language file for it ?


its ok for now buy i wish understand some specific pages on settings.

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You seem to have a very old version. Chose the latest build from here:http://www.project9k.jp/download/uLilith/

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Good to be back home, uLilith really does everything I want after all :happy_face1:


I got sick of foobar, its VST plugin wrapper that barely works(the foobar ppl even advise steering cleal from it as it's the cause of many crash reports and it's leaking memory like crazy with some EQ plugins IME).


Native VST plugin/WASAPI/ASIO support, 64fp pipeline, a very convenient GUI, freeware and only consuming 50MB of memory, I don't see any competition to uLilith :evil: 


It even does automatic latency compensation allowing the use of any linear phase EQ without any glitch, no other player does that AFAIK.

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Is there any advantage in using 64 bit ulilith over the 32 bit version on windows 8.1?
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For ultimate sound quality from the PC, I recommend checking out Jplay. It far, far surpasses anything foobar or uLilith alone can output. In my system it made a bigger difference than the last DAC upgrade I made. Absolutely amazing. I'm not affiliated with them in any way but I did purchase the full version after listening for about half an hour.

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