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Sorry, I downloaded the version at the top of the page - doh! Just seen the dates order!

Will try the recent version
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Got it. I'm really sorry for that, been working since 2am and can hardly see straight!

The previous versions I listened to were awesome.

Thanks again for all the work and help.
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Yep, it's all there, and it's Awesome! This version recognises multiple monitors too - I couldn't get the earlier versions to go where I wanted them!

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np, let us know how you like the sound

its coder is very responsive if you have feature requests.

I'm messing around w/ the priorities...as I was getting glitches from time to time when going back from minimized, it looks fine like this:

I've also set ASIO4ALL for low latency/hardware buffering etc
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Amazing sound, and a few bugs

I would like to say a big thank you to leeperry and everyone else who's been involved in the creation and evolution of iLilith / uLilith because the sound quality is so profoundly superior to anything else I've used. I had some issues with the player freezing when opening my browser (Mozilla Firefox, but also with IE9, and the standalone Google Earth). Fortunately these issues appear to have resolved themselves, but if the problem recurs I'll let you know. But so far so good!

I use a PreSonus Firebox external soundcard (which uLilith recognized) and Beyer DT100 and DT 770 Manufaktur (low impedance) phones. For work I use the DT100's, and then the DT770's for pleasure, but uLilith has upset that... Now, the DT770's sound very harsh, and it's as if the DT100's have been reborn! Ulilith through the Firebox and DT100's has become my preferred choice for listening pleasure! I can't put all the sonic characteristics into words yet but as soon as I can I will make another post.

For portable use I have grudgingly relied on mp3's on an 8GB memory stick in my phone (SonyEricsson c902) but the sound quality was obviously terrible!

As part of my modest "pro audio" gear I have a nice little Edirol R-09 two-channel recording device but it was limited to 2GB SD cards. A recent firmware update has allowed it to handle 16GB SD HC cards (although Edirol say it will not handle SDHC cards, just plain SD). So, now that it has become a viable audio player I'm using uLilith to rip CD's into PCM WAVE 16/44.1 onto a Samsung 16GB Plus SDHC card (nice metal shell and 10year Warranty!). With the quality of uLilith in my R-09 the sound is several orders of magnitude better than my old phone! In fact it's nearly as good as the PreSonus sound quality, just using its onboard amplification! Obviously I'm just starting out in this direction so it's hard to give an accurate assessment of the sonic characteristics yet. The R-09 has a 3.5mm optical output and I'm thinking of buying some UE TripleFi 10 (or similar), and maybe an iBasso D10 to add the finishing touch.

I have used the Edirol R-09 for field recording of nature sounds (birdsong, etc) so the addition of VST hosting in uLilith allows me to process those sounds without resorting to Cubase or any other big clunky DAW. I have a vast collection of VST's, many of which require Cubase SX3 or later to operate, so I can't use some of my favourite plugins. However, there are plenty which uLilith can host - especially freeware VST's which are, in my experience, often as good, if not better than their costly commercial counterparts. This enables me to work in a much more simplified and straightforward manner, with files opening and closing immediately - unlike Cubase, etc. For me this VST hosting is like a gift from the gods, and at this point I can't think of anything more I'd like to add to uLilith - but if I do I'll let you know!

Thanks again.
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no thank you, all credits go to Northern Verse! I only did quite a lot of bug hunting and improved the english localization(BTW, if you see typos tell me)

yesterday I was comparing this plugin in foobar 1.01 and uLilith(both at 100% volume in ASIO using the same exact audio files and preset): Trident A-Range Equalizer by Softube

it really sounded WAY better in uLilith, foobar had that nasty "digitis" sound I hate so much

I know that uL's audio pipeline runs in 64bit float, and that all the int<>float conversions are done in asm...maybe that's why! but even in 100% bit-perfect it does sound way better than foobar, no idea why...but I sure like it
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ok, today's version adds ID3v2 support in FLAC/APE and a much improved VST plugins support!

Also the 64bit float volume control can be set to a much lower granularity(0.01%), and next on the list is custom matrixing(to make nice 5.1 > stereo downmixes for headphones use for instance)..yay
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new here,but this player is so good,i like it much more than foorbar,cplay or xxhighend...don't know how to explain but it suit my RS1 completely:warm,detail but not analytical sound,great attack,very involving
thanks you all
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I downloaded the new version and experienced some good points and some bugs.

The good thing is that uLilith no-longer interferes with my browsers, and it doesn't mind having other software opened before or after it. (uL used to freeze or caused other program(s) to freeze / crash.

However, I'm having problems with the VST functionality. The list of VST's I have set up includes Native Instruments' Kore 2 and whenever I open uLilith the Kore 2 hardware module lights up - regardless of whether it is listed as "on" or "off", and when I close uL it doesn't shut down. I have just cleared the list of all VST's in uL and it still triggers the Kore 2 hardware to open. Maybe that will change after a restart.

But the big problem happens once the VST dialogue is open and I ask it to "Show" a VST. The first VST GUI sometimes opens after about 10seconds, during which time any music that is playing stops. It then starts with the VST effect. Other times uL freezes with the last fraction of a second of audio cycling endlessly - like a scratched CD that's "skipping". This sometimes also happens when asking it to open the first VST, or it just freezes and stops playing completely. When this happens the only option is Ctrl+Alt+Delete and End Program (or hit the "hard reset" button on the computer itself). uLilith will reopen and play music after just doing an "End Program" - as long as I don't subsequently ask it for any VST function; if I do, it completely freezes and a complete restart can be necessary. On the positive side, this drastic action is becoming less of a necessity as uLilith now has little or no effect on any other software I may have open (browser, Microsoft Outlook, documents, pictures, etc). That's a big improvement.

I ought to say that my PC has a long history of problems with media/audio players, especially ripping and playing music CD's, and in fact Lilith is the first software in a long time to get my computer to recognize, open, and rip music CD's! I don't understand the reasons. If anyone has any suggestions why this problem exists / existed I'd be very interested.

Due to the fact that I can now rip and play music CD's I'm pretty ecstatic, especially considering the quality of uLilith's music! I just invested in Sennheiser IE8's, primarily to go with my Edirol R-09. When I get the fit right they are very revealing - much better, clearer sound than my DT100's or DT770's, but they are taking some time to get accustomed to. Pairing the IE8's with uLilith is amazing - I'm discovering even more notes, drum-hits, etc., that I had never heard before... My favourite music just got even better!
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send a detailed bug report to the author if you wanna see it fixed
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if anyone's getting glitches, I've settled down to those settings(the worst was w/ 24/96 files and minimizing/maximizing the player several times in a row):

I have to use 768 samples otherwise 24/96 doesn't play over toslink...I just get a bunch of static.

I hate it when everything works perfectly...need to find new bugs to report!!!

BTW, there's also a registry trick to hide the tasktray icon of ASIO4ALL, so convenient.
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I had a feeling that my Native Instruments VST's were to blame due to their tight integration between software and hardware controller module - and sure enough, after deleting the NI plugins from the list it worked fine.

I had the same freezing and crashing problems when trying a VST with Novation's "Automap wrapper" for use with their "SL" class MIDI controllers. (I have a Novation SL61 MIDI controller keyboard)

So I cleared the VST list, leaving just one "lightweight" multi-FX plugin (Delay, Reverb, EQ, Noise Gate, Filter / Overdrive, and Autopan / Tremolo), and Lilith has no problem with it. All functions in the VST work seamlessly with just a little noticeable latency.

With that success I decided to add a lightweight spectrum analyser. Lilith did that "CD skipping" thing while it loaded (which only took a couple of seconds) but then both VST's were running happily together. However, as soon as I clicked "OK" on the VST dialog box to close it, the skipping started again and this time Lilith froze completely... "This program is not respoding" > "End program"!

It seemed that the right way to close the VST dialog box is by using the standard red close button in the top corner. Having said that I just tried it again with only the multi-fix VST loaded and clicking OK closed the VST dialog box instantly with no unwanted "side-effects"!

Conclusion: Don't run plug-ins which are mapped to hardware controllers, and; uLilith may become unstable when more than one VST are loaded. Having said that, uLilith is an audio player, not a DAW!
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I'm really impressed with this uLilith player. The sound quality it produce is much better than other media players I had tried(Foobar2000, J River Media Center, WMP, Wimamp, etc..). Since I use it for my CarPC audio, it's difficult to navigate with my 5" touchscreen. Is there a way to make the player fit the whole screen or at least make it looks bigger?
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you can set hotkeys, I've assigned a bunch of them to my Griffin Powermate..pause,vol -/+, previous, next, close player.

the only thing I miss so far in this player is custom matrixing, but it's in the works...w/ automatic profiles of course, like in ffdshow. foobar does it, but w/ manual presets only
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Yeah, I'm using hot keys currently. It would be nice if you can resize it. I really like the looks of it.
Any chance this will work with the M2Tech Hiface in kernal streaming? That would be an awesome sound quality combo IMO.

Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
you can set hotkeys, I've assigned a bunch of them to my Griffin Powermate..pause,vol -/+, previous, next, close player.

the only thing I miss so far in this player is custom matrixing, but it's in the works...w/ automatic profiles of course, like in ffdshow. foobar does it, but w/ manual presets only
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