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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
DS can be made bit-perfect on XP if all the sliders are set to the max apparently, but it would appear to be impossible on Vista/7: Homebrew CMI 8738 drivers - Hydrogenaudio Forums

Dogbert is not exactly a clown when it comes to windows audio, as he happens to be a highly skilled drivers engineer.

well, Reclock allows you to watch movies in KS/WASAPI exclusive...that's good stuff
..you sure about that?
Is this what your basing you assumption on:

"the underlying reason for this is that the kernel mixer of vista isn't bitperfect anymore unlike its predecessors from XP and 2000. In vista either kernel streaming (non-WaveRT version) or wasapi (both WaveRT/non-WaveRT versions) is thus required to get bitperfect PCM sound and thus supported."

Do I need to point out what is wrong with that statment?
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the skins are available here btw: Skin in DT / Moe Side
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you can find the player here: Index of /download/uLilith

my resource file has been merged into the latest builds.
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BTW, today's update adds a fully working VST plugin support:

it will automatically save/load your current VST preset at startup(you can also hide the VST plugin GUI)...so you can easily apply this tutorial: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/how...torial-413900/

all DSP is applied in 64bit float...it sounds gooood
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Quick question, where exactly do you put the skins? I seem to get errors...
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if you click on the "" icon in the GUI, it will allow you to open them apparently...I didn't try.
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could somebody please explain how to open vst's in this player
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right click on the GUI and click on "VST plugins"
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its all in japanese and when I used the resource file you posted above when I right click to access the menu nothing happens
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never mind the above post, works on another computer
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my resource file has been merged into the latest builds anyway
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Hi, I just stumbled on this thread and started with the first version of iLilith this morning (v0.9.0...?) and was able to get the menu in english (right click on the GUI - sorry I'm not as computer-literate as you folks), but as I found later versions, and finally uLilith in your post above, I've been unable to get English. Please can someone point me in the right direction?

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mine is in english...do you have this file? \ulilith\Common\Resource0x0409.dll

that's the english resource file...you could also try deleting Resource0x0411.dll(the Japanese res file) and/or rename Resource0x0409.dll to Resource0x0411.dll but that really shouldn't be needed AFAIK.
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I only have Resource0x0411.dll - can't see the 0x0409.dll anywhere.

What do you suggest?

Thanks for the help
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