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UM1 Isolation issue

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I just received my UM1 and I'm using the longer of the two tips provided. I have used ear plugs before and when I remove them I always find that they have a certain shape to them (my ear canals). The tips provided (Comply foam) are coming out relatively easily and are fully expanded.

I'm not getting "poor" isolation, but I feel like it should be better with the length of the tips I'm using. Are there any sources for larger diameter tips? I'd like something that fits a bit more snugly if possible. As I said, the isolation is certainly there, but the ease of removal is not what I expected. With regular plugs, I usually have to give them a bit of a twist to slide them out and they're always shaped like my canals.

tl;dr version: Where can I get larger diameter foam tips than those provided by Comply? I don't necessarily need foam, anything that will fit is welcomed.
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Get some Shure black "olive" foamies.
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