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Yuin OK3 or PK2

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Hi all,

As an earbud would you recommend OK3 or PK2?In addition to this I wonder which earbud is the best earbud on earth(with no amp)?(regarding senn. mx series,yuin pk,ok series,audio technica ath cm700 and other earbuds)

Thanks in advance.
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I have the PK2's and they are very good. I doubt they are the best earbuds on Earth, though. Just very good. I've got an old pair of Sennheiser MX500 and they are terrible.
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Check out this review Tons of buds in there.

And here is a review comparing OK2 with PK2 and yet another thread comparing all the PK and OK models with each other

Happy reading and good luck.
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Thanks for answering.

I'm curious about the sound quality of OK3.Fang said, if you use it as earbud,OK3 is a bit better than PK2.Their prices are relatively same.Any comparison about their sound quality?

Edit:I searched links but i couldn't find any comparison between OK3 and PK2
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In the BIG Yuin comparison thread, antonyfirst compares the PK2 and the OK3 briefly at the top saying they are pretty similar with OK3 being a tad less sensitive.
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The sound quality should be similar, but the OK3 should have more bass quantity than PK2.
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