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Denon C551 extension cord: bulky connector?

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Here's the deal: I want a replacement for my EP630s for the gym. I want a canalphone, not an IEM, so I was looking at the C551. Easy to get, good price, not too expensive that I need to care too much. However, I would need to use the extension cord. The EP630's cord is 1.2m, and sometimes it's a bit on the short side. I route the cord under my shirt and into my pocket where my DAP is. With the extension the C551's cord is 1.3m, which gives me a bit of extra length, but I'm concerned that the connector will be a bit annoying bonking me on the chest, and possibly disconnecting if it doesn't screw together.

So how big and sturdy is this thing? If not sturdy and slender, does anyone know how long the cord on the RE2 is? I did not see it on the specs page.

(I don't want one of those armband things, which I assume is the reason why the cord is short.)
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Dunno about the C551, but RE1/2 cable are 1m + 0.8m extension.
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I don't think the connector will be annoying much if you run them through your shirt. The connection is secure, you can hear "snap" when it's connected properly. The concern here is when you run the wire through your shirt, the wire will get a lot of contact with your sweat, but the positive side is you can just buy/use other extension cable if the one come with C551 broken because of sweat. I am using my old Sony extension cable (with the mesh surrounding the wire) and it's longer than C551 extension cable.
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bungle - like voicemaster said, it's very secure and snaps in tightly. There's no way it's going to come loose. I noticed a little more weight when I added the extension, but it wasn't anything unbearable. You can see from the pics that it isn't bulky. It's about the same size as the earpiece.

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as long as you don't sweat into it.

if your running, any kind of bulk is going to be magnified.

RS's extensions might be slightly less bulky but will probably be longer and thus more weight
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Thanks for the comments and pics. Yeah, sweat might not be much good for them inside my shirt, but neither is ripping them out of my ears because they catch on something while I'm lifting. When connected I don't know how well they'll wrap around my Cowon G3, though.

Hmm, I might have another look at some longer-corded items like the ATH-CK7 or X3i, but I can probably live with this.
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For working out, i suggest getting a cheapo Sony EX series, JVC marshmallow, EP630, etc. I just killed my JBL 220 because my Ipod felt down and ripped the cable from my ear making the right phone sounds less than the left T_T so now i am using my old Sony EX and pretty happy about it. I will never using my Denons to work out ><''
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I use EP630s now. I do like that I give a whit what happens to them - drops, sweat, etc. And I just wrap them around my DAP and stick them in my pocket. But I want something that sounds better without being too expensive, thus the C551 in the 60-70 range. They also tend to slip a bit and lose seal. My Marshmallows with Shure tips don't, but I like the sound less.
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