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No Link on Main Page?

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Just wondering, am I blind, or is there no link to the Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors section of the forums on the main page? Every time I wanna come here, I gotta click on Headphones (which takes me to the full-sized cans section), then Equipment Category Forums, then finally to here. What gives?
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I can see it on the front page
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I can't...
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it's deffo there....
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Depends on what you mean by the "main page"...

This has been bugging me too so I took a look. If you go to the main HF page ( Headphones, iPod earphones, portable audio, MP3 players, high-end audio) it is not there. This is where I usually go and I had to do the same the thing the OP described to get to this and the portable amp sections. But if you go the main FORUMS page (Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio - Powered by vBulletin) these sections are listed. Probably just an oversight on changes after the new sections were introduced.
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