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Couple questions

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What exactly is a memory cable on IEMs? I assume they are on over the ear IEMs and they form to ear, but I just want to know for sure. Are the Westone UM1's, UE 3 or Ety ER-6 over the ear? And do any of them have a memory cable? Sorry for all the questions, but I am new to IEMs and would like to learn about them so I don't have to keep asking questions and so I can help people like me. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Yeah. memory cable are usually about 1~2 inches extended from the ear piece. They helps to hold the contour of the ear for over-the-ear IEM, like SF3. Westone UM1 doesn't have memory cable (but their cable is quite soft and comfortable), and ER6 / ER6i are designed to be used as earbud style so no memory wire on them too. Low end Shure (SE210 and down) also don't have memory wire, though they are intended to be used over-the-ear.
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I have narrowed my choice of new IEM down to the Westone UM1, SF3 and Ety ER6, but I still want to know something. Are any of them bass-driven? I know I do not want another bass-driven IEM like the Senn CX300.
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UM1 and ER6 are know to be bass light. SF3 isn't a particularly bass heavy IEM too.

Do you have an amp? If not, it is better to get ER6i than ER6. The reason is, ER6 is more difficult to drive without an amp.
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Thanks, I've looked around a bit and taken what everyone here has said and I'm going to go with the UM1's. Unfortunately it will a month before I can get them, I just have too many things to pay this month.
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