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Which amp with triple fi? - Page 2

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Still using Hornet unless Iqube will revise its chassis
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The Predator complements the's perfectly
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Went down to jaben and tested out all the amps. The graham added too much bass and reduced the soundstage, the predator and hornet is slightly clearer than my go-vibe but never increased the soundstage... Maybe its my ears or something.... In my opinion not really worth teh $400 upgrade after selling my go-vibe for something slightly clearer.... Thanks for ur opinions btw Maybe I might hear a change after i get the custom mould for my ue
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Personally i find soundstage hard to improve, even with very good amps. It could be the limitations of IEM.
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Hornet 'M', and yes, it does make a significant difference in SQ with the Triple.Fis, although I currently am using them unamped at the gym, for practicality reasons.
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