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Scosche vs Shure

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Can anyone tell me if Scosche Hi-Fi earbuds stand up to Shure in terms sound quality, and etc?..I mean I know they're not in the same price range, but I'm just. The only problem is no one seems to even know of them, or own a pair of them. My budget is about 48.92, so that's why I was looking into a pair of Scosche's or Philips Premium Sound Ear buds, until I found out that they had a lot of base to them . not what I need because I pretty much listen to rock and country only.
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I would rather buy a CX 300 or UE metro fi for that price...but that is just my choice...
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I sadly, don't have enough money for the Ultimate Ears metro FI ones. I've heard Sennheiser makes good products though, especially they're headphones. Not sure about their earbuds though.
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Please don't take this the wrong way, but after looking at Scosche's website, it appears that they primarily deal with car audio and bluetooth car accessories for the ipod.

That being said, their earphones are probably not very good. Now, I can't say that for certain (since I haven't heard them), but it's been my experience that when a company tries to make too many different kinds of products, they often blunder on things that they haven't made in the past (or with any kind of dedication).

I'm sure that their bluetooth peripherals are very nice and work wonderfully; however, I am almost certain that they wouldn't know how to make a dynamic driver if it bit them in the face.

As to your budget, I can only surmise that you bought something online, and are in for some kind of refund (since most of us speak in terms of round number-$50, $100, etc.).

It's been my experience that you often get what you pay for and I have yet to find an IEM under $50 (not on sale) that I enjoyed for modern music. If you could perhaps stretch your budget to $57, then I would implore you to purchase a pair of X3s (or their current incarnation, the X3i). Those should offer plenty of isolation and detail for the money. Search to find a review.

I hope I didn't offend. Please take my advice as friendly.

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Since you mention Scoshe and Panasonic earbuds, I assume you plan to buy something only in a retail store in person? If you can order online I highly suggest ordering the Yuin PK3 for your budget (costs $49 from Here,, is a huge thread of people talkin about it and its all for the most part super positive.
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Nylan my friend. No offense taken. And actually, I did one review by some guy on or something of the sort. And I'm actually looking at IEM's on Amazon. But, I'll probably only purchase the IEM's off the company's website like JVC, etc. I've seen many reviews on Amazon, but I'm looking for a more trusted site when it comes to noise isolating IEMs. Perhaps I'll look around here and see what I can find . I was also looking at the Sennheiser x 400's (I think that's what they're called), but I found out they had too much base, which, sucks.
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