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Graham Slee voyager setup recommendations please?

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Bought myself a graham Slee voyager, which is coming my way this week via the internet, anyway I heard a "...port to 3.5mm adapter, bypassing the amp circuits of the Pod player..." greatly improves performance.

Where can I get one of these? I looked on the monster cable site but they don't seem to sell them, looked on a well known auction site, but they were for phones and at a few quid I'm guessing the quality is rubbish. I found better ones but were far too long. Any ideas?

Also I'm gonna splash out on a new pair of cans too. Looking at the Denon AHD2000. What does everybody think? Wasted on a personal MP3?, or will the voyager / ipod classic / decent cable be able to drive them or is it a money down the drain? Many thanks in advance all!
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its a line out dock or LOD
many places sell them!!
on ebay try ipod line out dock!! should get one pretty cheap!
Alo also do one and there is a link on here!
also qables do them but both these sites vary hugely in price!
Some can be $200+
Also both these sites do them short!!
you don't need anything any longer than 6"
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That was quick!!!

Many thanks my Glaswegian pal for the outrageously quick reply. I was thinking of asking you what would I expect to pay for a decent 6 inch cable. But I see you are powering your own from a ipod 160 so maybe I should look into getting the same connects as yourself? Also do you think the denons would be worth the bother? Currently running on in ear denon AH-C700 which are fine but at the RRP not pushing any boundaries. Thanks again pal!!!
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Where are you from?
is going to depend on what willing to pay!
Got my qables LOD for lil cheaper as bought along with my I-qube! Was still 86 dollars tho instead of 130ish
ALO cryo was just silly money at 150 + postage not to mention customs charge!! thankfully was undervalued on the shipping slip! And it doesnt sit quite right going into my I-qube!
Qables does a slightly cheaper one for about $50 which would give you an idea of the jump in quality over a normal headphone out! After that it boils down to what willing to pay lol
I really prefer open larger cams to in ears and really dont have much experience of in ears amped sorry!
plenty others on here swear by them but i feel detail from larger cans IMO is superior
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I'm from Dublin. But weirdly have distant Scottish relations, was there (Glasgow) for the first time in the summer of 06, really decent people there, had a great time...

Anyway of course with all stuff, what you are willing to pay makes a big difference, but I dunno depends on what you get for your cash I suppose.
I've decent money to spend, but for a 6 inch cable don't want to be spending
crazy money for only a relatively small improvement in performance

Of course I understand that you can only have experience with a few cans, but what I mean is will the setup be able to drive 250 quid cans properly or will cans half the price be able to do almost the same job considering the limitations. I've decent money but don't want to waste it on tiny improvements I suppose. Cheers...
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my setup drives both my grados and k701 with no issues!
701's can be hard to drive but have np problems here
your amp is quoted quite highly so dont imagine would have issue!
my thinking was that if you wanted to decide before takin plunge on a higher priced LOD you might wanna see if you can note discernible difference!
The difference using the LOD over the 3.5mm-3.5mm is the most marked improvement you will get with regards to sound and further to that any improvement will most likely be more subtle!
Up to you really what you think would be willing to gamble!
I started off with lower end stuff but got sucked in quick!
coulda spent cash on higher quality str8 away but then i wouldnt have little wow moments with each addition!
I personally have a few LOD's now and another on way just to switch n swap around!
Another option would be finding someone on here who makes LOD's..... I have one on way from Preddator that cost $40 shipped from states.
Not received yet so couldnt say what was like but id be willin to let you know when arrives!
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Hmm, many thanks for reply, as a novice myself you're replies are as much answering my q's as firing my aural imagination if you know what I mean lol... but that's a good thing of course.

Very interested in the homemade stuff, as a bit of a watch geek, I know what people can knock up in their own time can offer remarkable value for money.

Love the idea of having "little wow moments with each new addition" , first it was vinyl, then timepieces and I'm geting sucked into the audio bug already.

Alright on your recommendation, which cable should I invest in for (the time being lol) say roughly up to 100-120ish dollars / 60ish ish GBP.

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I have silvercab pro from Qables.com
is about 126 dollars so about £65 but is sweet and Hans is a great guy to deal with! In EU too so delivery usually 4-5 days and not too expensive!
off to bed catch u later lol
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Thinking the same thing (about sleep), sorry slow typer but am sold at your recommendation. I'll let you know how i get on.

Really appreciate the input pal, makes the internet worthwhile.

Kind regards,

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