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New IEM company!!!!

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Starkey - Products - Audio & Music

Gave them a call and talked fairly extensively with the receptionist. They have a couple IEM options.

There's a mini monitor and a personal monitor line. The personal monitor line is more like what everybody is used to seeing with the detachable cable and over the ear design, whereas the mini monitor look like an earbud, but still utilizes a custom mold.

They offer single double and triple driver units, and they're all custom made.

HOWEVER, when talking to the receptionist, she said you get the SAME SOUND out of the music line, basically, your only benefit with going the monitor way is because of the cable as they use the same drivers.

But she told me it's the "smarter" choice because it's a cheaper price-point with same sound quality. I asked about microphonics of the mini monitors

She gave me MSRP prices, but said ultimately, since you must see an audiologist to get your impressions, and that you HAVE to go through them, the pricing may vary.

But basically, the triple driver was $349 for the mini monitor one, and $649 for the personal monitor.

Not a bad deal....

But, is it just me, or are more and more hearing aid companies suddenly delving into the music realm for custom iems for DAPs????
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Not sure what the big deal is, we already have the FreQ and the Livewires, that are half of that price and we know are very good, and we already have plenty of another expensive good options, what we need to find is chepaer good options!!! ...

I think that all Hearing-Aid device manufacturers will begin to manufacture IEMs now, so be careful, as not all of them will be good at the beginning...I was discussing that with my audiologist, the reason is very simple, first the higher prices, a H-A device usually cost around 85-100 bux, and second they avoid the deal with insurance companies, and the well known, delayed and on top lower payments...

If we hold our horses in a few years, and with the increase of the portable music devices, we will have hundreds to choose from...
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It is not a brand new company I found them more than 2 years ago, if my memory is to trust it is in Norway....
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Originally Posted by Claus-DK View Post
It is not a brand new company I found them more than 2 years ago, if my memory is to trust it is in Norway....
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
6700 Washington Avenue S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3476

These are lcoated in MN, USA...
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Did you guys notice that the model in the picture on there website is same person which Freqonline is showing on their music lover page (banner pic)?
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The same but flipped
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Starkey's been around A LONG time. They're a dominant player in the hearing-aid business.

I know they were offering custom IEM's for at least the past year and a half, although nobody bought'em (I just thought they weren't very good if nobody had bought'em).
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Starkey PM700

I had the same issue. There are practically no reviews about Starkey on the web (beside some comments about their appearance at mac world last year). I was looking at making the jump from nice universals (that i just stepped on a month back:-( )to some custom IEM's. Geeking on the web and in person really doesn't leave you much, as custom IEMs are well...custom, and on the uncommon side.

Luckily a friend of mine is an Audiologist, he had a pair of the Starkeys, which I crammed up my ear canal (his ear was not too different from mine, lucky me), they we're much better than my e5s. Very neutral sounding, not excessively bassy, clear highs and very good representation of harmonic overtones (which is what usually gets me in so so head gear) listening to Bluegrass + Classical FLAC tracks on my Karma/Bithead rig. Realizing that you could try out other people's custom's (albeit uncomfortably), as long as you could get a good seal, I tried my friends UE11's (very slightly better, but not $500 better, and too bassy). I liked the really low ear profile on the Starkey's, very flush fit, and the replaceable cable is very nice, practically zero microphonics.

So, I went with the Starkey. I think the model is the PM700. Dual driver, dual ported, replaceable cable, etc, basically the best they made (though now it sounds like them have a triple coming out...hmmm)

Having to go through an Audiologist for the sale is good. The ear impressions were easy (10 min) and once the phones got delivered to him, I came for a professional fitting, he's double checked the fit (it's what they do after all). Made some minor modifications to the shape right there, and now they fit like I'm sliding a stick of butter in my ear (hmmm ok that could be gross).

Very happy with my Starkey's. Two thumbs up.
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller View Post
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
6700 Washington Avenue S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3476

These are lcoated in MN, USA...
They also have a division in Norway. The brand sounds American though.
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