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IEM to hold me over until Westone 3?

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I'm in the market for a good IEM for work. My output is 5th Gen iPod Video. Right now I have Senn CX300s that I purchased about 2-2.5 years ago (give or take). They were great while I was in college for walking around campus. I could hear what was going on if I needed to, but they produce decent sound (for the most part).

I am really looking forward to the Westone 3, but I need something to hold me over at work. Lately I've been finding myself wearing earplugs just to get through the day. I would prefer to use something that isolates completely, but is relatively comfortable for a long period of time (3-4 hours a day). I was thinking about getting a UM1, but I know the UM2 is out there too and I don't want to sell myself short.

I saw the IM 616 for $20 at ecost.com (didn't get it), so now I'm really itching for something. My price range is "unlimited," but I think I'd like to set it around $100 since I want to replace whatever I purchase in 6-8 months. Should I get the UM2 and hold off for a year or so before getting the 3? Or should I go for the UM1 and then buy the 3 right out the door?

I am open to any other ideas (Shures, Etys, whatever), but I have read that the Westones are generally the most comfortable of the bunch.

What will the pricing be like on the Westone 3? If I spend $300 on the UM2, how much more is it going to be for a 3? That's another big issue. If the Westone 3 is going to be a $750 IEM, it might be out of my range. If it will be $400 or so, I'll definitely pick one up. Has anyone heard anything about the pricing?

tl;dr version: I need something for 4 hours of use. I want a Westone 3. How much will it cost? I plan to replace whatever I purchase when the 3 comes out. Should I spend $100 on the UM1 or $300 on the UM2 or get something else?
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People who ordered Westone 3's where signing up for about $400 or so. I should remember since I ordered one, but its been so long ago...
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Buy a pair of UM2s - they're very good. Otherwise you might be waiting for a while. UM2s are considered top-tier universals, and usually resale well, so your risk is minimal (I've had mine for over 2 years and am not planning an upgrade until Westone 3s have been out awhile and the dust settled... are they going to be worth a $400 upgrade?). Otherwise, your alternative is to limp along on a lesser IEM you know you won't be satisfied with, for God knows how much longer (much the tendency here on Headfi :-). Good luck.
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Well, I got the UE Triple.Fi while waiting for the W3. They cost a little more than $300.

If comfort is a must, you can scratch the Triple.Fi from the list unless you are one of the lucky ones who doesn't need to change tips or to do the flip-flop mod.

The pricing is still $399 for the Westone 3 (confirmed by p0wderh0und23 from Westone). In the end, I think you will be happy with the UM2.
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I think the ER4P/S are the only IEMs that might last that long.
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i think westone are in serious risk of being overtaken by both UE and shure, particularly UE
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I just ordered the UM1, but about an hour later I decided I wanted the UM2. Hopefully earphonesolutions is pretty good for returns. I've asked if I should just purchase the UM2 and then return the UM1 or if I should wait until I get the UM1, try it out, and then exchange it. I knew I was going to do that. I'll probably hear the UM1 out and see if I can live with it. We'll see.

It's only $100 so I'm not going to get too worked up over it. I care most about the isolation. The music becomes secondary when I'm trying to work. It's better than hearing my ears ring though (that's the effect I get from ear plugs lately). I just need silence so I can work!
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