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I guess the main thing for me is to find a sweet spot in terms of equipment and price, and try to be happy with that. After that, maybe some low level tweaking to satisfy irresistable consumeristic impulses and then buy lots of music.
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I agree. There's nothing quite like hearing a sweet pair of speakers sing. My "budget" $1500 speaker system made me forget my "mid-fi" $1000 headphone system for months. Don't get me wrong, headphones are cool and all but they just don't give you that total experience.
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i strongly concur with Vertigo...i used to be a dedicated speaker user and my NHT set up although modest produced a musical image and presence far superior to my K1000 with a subwoofer. Headphones do have their advatages in some areas but overall i would prefer my speaker set up to my headphone set up hands down. I can only imagine how incredible my SCD-1 would sound connected to a good set of speakers but hey the K1000 w/ sub is a pretty decent compromise...
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That's why since I got my speakers I've been ignoring all of my headphones almost completely. And in DIY I'm more oriented towards DAC building while headphone amps are all but forgotten. A good DAC can be used with headphones or speakers while headphone amp's usefulness is quite limited.

Incidentally, I'm considering getting Music Fidelity A3 integrated amp once I have money. Of course I have yet to audition it but since for the price it offers dual mono... I could build my own but it's too much trouble... maybe in a year or two.
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