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Originally Posted by hknymz View Post

Do you have a photo?
Hi for a photo see first photo at top of this thread the Cap I need info on is shown to the left of the black aux input header at "ce34" markings on top of cap read "82 100 25A".
Thanks John
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Very helpful information, thanks!

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Hi @ll,

first time,

i`ve been reading the post because i got an asus xonar dx,so i want to mod it.

some questions:

if i play pc games is necessary to change all op amps for sourround,or just the front one?

if all relateded mod caps measures are respected,do brand matters?

which are the caps standard measures?

thanks for take time for answering noobs.


*update question:

can 2 LME49990 be mounted in to asus xonar dx pcb,with this one?:  




*do this need any cap replacement or it can be without any problem?

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hello, i got an xonar D1 and i was just wondering if any of you guys think the output power is a little weak?

My onboard not only does the same volume at only 20% but also sounds better to my ears. When i play a game i have to set to volume it's max to be able to hear things normal and for music it's the same thing. It also has weak base. I'm using a sennheiser PC-320 witch has an impedance of 32ohm.


I'm a noob when it comes to electronics, but i can solder, so was thinking about changing the capacitors. Ive looked at the first post, but why change only 2 when there is a row of 4 capacitors? and my D1 seems to have a different power circuitry. Does anyone know what is what or witch i need to change?


Also does it have any negative effect if you replace 25v 22uF caps with 50v 22uF once? My brother still has a few Silmic II but they are 50v 22uF. 



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Fantastic modding post :L3000:... thanks OP :beerchug:


Ok, Im wondering if someone can help me out here...
I have the Xonar DX 7.1 rev1.02... unfortunately, at some point I removed the card and whilst removing the power supply adapter,

I was stupid enough to catch and snap off the capacitor that sits on CE36...

I have searched and searched but cannot find any information on the capacitor I need to replace the snapped off one...

yes I know, I could most likely attach the original capacitor... if only I had it...

(the wife loves to clean and throw things away, at my annoyance):deadhorse:


Can someone help me, please... by telling me what capacitor I need to sit on space CE36 :atsmile:


also I notice that all the capacitors have a little seat... the seat for my missing capacitor is also missing...

would this come with the capacitor or could I buy another to replace... if needed, of course!


Much appreciated :beerchug:

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Hello guys,


I want to replace op-amps in my Xonar DX soundcard to LME49860 and I have some questions...



Btw I looked this picture and I think these are the power supply caps. Am I correct or I just misunderstanding something?

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could someone please help me to identify the part I broke of my dx?



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I broke that exact same part Tukay! Did you ever fix it?

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Can someone link to good caps for decoupling please?

I wouldn't like to make the mistake of buying fake ones.

Maybe these ones are real?
Is MFD good?

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Hi guys, I just found this forum and I thought someone might be able to help me with my Xonar D1-


A capacitor fell-off (D1) and I can't find any info about it or anywhere to find a replacement-


It's at 'CE4', and it has printed on the top: [220 / CFK. / 8C5]







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hi Everybody
i need help with my Asus Xonar DS
i want to short some caps for better sound clarity but i don't know which one...
i have done it whith my X-fi and the difference it's amazing

i thank you for your help in advance :)

sorry for my english

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