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sounds quite expensive..
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$240 is a steal for the earphones. I'm guessing it wouldn't even drop below $300 on the Headfi market should it ever come up.
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Advancedmp3players have them in stock for £234.89 minus 20% using coupon code AFFXMASSEN on checkout.
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Hi all.

I've been lurking about the various threads and post on this forum off and on for quite some time.

With that, I feel compelled to make my first post with glee as I have ordered these phones earlier this morning and they are being shipped via fedex 2 day. At this moment they are in Indianapolis enroute to a Seattle burb, so hopefully they'll be in-house Friday.

I am glad someone has revived this thread. Looking forward to giving these a go.

Drumonron and John11f, what are your impressions so far?

...and Mazinger, did you end up getting mxw1's?
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I bought a pair for my dad for Christmas but haven't listened to them myself. Didn't want to be a rude son! He has a fetish for wireless phones, but not a head-fi fetish yet...most of his music is encoded in 128. He says they sound good but I'm assuming you can't tell with 128 mp3s/wma. I had him listen to some of my Apple Lossless on my iphone 3G and he was very surprised.

He's going to encode some CDs in lossless and try them out and report to me his findings. Maybe after a month or so I'll try to sneak in a listen and post my thoughts on this thread.
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on the "Didn't want to be the rude son!"

Nice Christmas present.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Happy New Year Everyone!
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Got 'em Friday eve....

So I am playing around with the different twist-to-fit pads and the proper positioning for the most comfortable fit without loss to the low end. Currently using the large pad with the tab at the ten (r) and two (l) o'clock angle on the phones to catch, than twist. When it does the positioning of the phones are more straighter in an up and down sense vs at an angle which is more comfortable. I will or course twist the phones back to hear the low in response as I have been twisting forward. Jude's review link is below and touches on this point.

Of course I have been twisting the pads here and there and I know I will go the other sizes again to play around a bit. It is like I hardly notice them in my left ear regardless of the positioning point... . But on my right ear it takes just the right spot to do this and sometimes I start to feel like an ear fatigue which after time becomes noticeable and cause me to do a reposition.

I got 4 1/2 hour of playtime before one phone cut out and needing charging . The transmitter lasted 9 1/2 hours... close to the stated 10.

I've listened to various music so far but haven't listened to any bass heavier stuff yet... mostly tight hitting bass with the bass, mids, and highs being well balanced. Should be a different experience once I twist "backwards". Of course I'm listening for lots of nuances and I'm having fun doing so... will have more to report on the above later.

Of course, I'm trying to find out if these babies will benefit from the burn-in and open them up even more.

Also have pictures of the packaging which I can try to post if anyone is interested.

Jude's review: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f11/he...i-know-316991/
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I have owned the MX W1's now for about 5 months. Got them when they were first released. After a couple of months I had custom ear molds made. The ear molds make all the difference for the low frequency response. The ear molds also mean they never fall out. They are my favorite headphones I own now. I have started recording at a higher bit rate now because I can notice such a difference in the sound quality over the Ety 8's I have. The ety 8's used to be my favorite wireless headphones, but these just have a better all around sound. I work out about 4 to 5 times a week and use these all the time with no problems of them falling out(even before the ear molds). I even like these better then wired ER 4's I have. I really like the freedom of no wires. I use these for everything around the house from yard work to just cleaning up. The only problem is outdoors. They need to be close to the ears to not drop the signal. To solve this I just use my ipod shuffle and clip it to my arm or collar. The shuffle is also about the same size, which makes for a nice match. Overall I love these phones.
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1shuttle1, sounds like the phones are pretty sweet now. can you provide info on who did the molds, costing, and post pics? you can pm info too if you'd like. thanks in advance.
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well... since I started this thread jeje... I must say that I just ordered them from Amazon this Friday... My brother is in NY this and next week so they will bring it to me... have high hopes on this phones.... I want the freedom of wireless without sacrificing sound quality....

Any more comments from owners!!?? ;-)

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Originally Posted by mazinger View Post
I want the freedom of wireless without sacrificing sound quality....
That's a pretty hefty price to pay for that freedom!

Keep us updated!
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sure!.... phones already delivered @ my brother's hotel in NY.... but he will be coming back to CR on Nov 14... so just sitting here waiting for them to arrive! :P...

patience patience!!!
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double post
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I have been using them for a couple of weeks... and I can tell you that I am in love with them!... Was afraid that they were way to big... I am using them at the gym (when not doing cardio since I don't want to sweat them!!), and when going at the mall, or at the bank or at the office...

Sound is very very good... and one charge lasts for 4 hours of playback so far.. fit is good, but I have been used to Sennheiser's twist to fit system, so no surprises... the cradle/docking station works like a charm!, for example, today I listened to 6 hours... 3,5 in the morning, them just put them in and pressed the charging button.. an hour later, they where ready again...

Been using them with my D2, G3 and sony HD-5... will try them with my sony RH-1 (best sounding portable device!)...

Bass can get "customized" depending on how you fit them in your ears... I am not a bass head so, I put them in a more "neutral" position for me...

Construction quality is top notch... very happy!

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Can anyone tell me the best wired Sennheiser earphones these are comparable to?
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