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help: 7 port usb hub not working

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i recently bought this on ebay.
the usb hub works for certain products, and does not work for some others.
for example, it works with my laptop cooler, usb audio dac(sometimes does not work), and windows media remote controller, BUT it does not work with hp printer, dell keyboard, logitech mouse, ipod, snes controller.
i asked the seller about this problem and the only thing he could tell me was "try one port at a time". i tried and certain items worked, and the others didnt.
is there any way to fix this problem?
i thought i'd ask here before i return it.
thanks in advance.
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are you using the AC power cord?
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have you tried plugging them in and rebooting with thema ll plugged in? could be a problem with USB device drivers.
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Umm, I have a 4 port USB 2.0 hub. This used to happen to me. I left it plugged into the AC power, and gradually, some ports just stopped working -- spontaneously! I couldn't figure out the problem until I touched the hub; it felt really hot to the touch. My guess is that it overheated. After I unplugged the AC adapter and let it cool down, it started working again.
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First thing, are you sure your USB port on the PC is 2.0? Some devices will crap out if you're mixing.

Is it a card or Motherboard USB port connected to the Hub? Some cards don't like hubs and some motherboards aren't wired right to provide proper power and data for hubs.

Make sure the USB drivers for your motherboard are up to date. For the most part, Microsoft is who provided the drivers that the motherboard maker is using, 90% of the time I've found they refer you to MS for USB drivers.

If each gadget works fine plugged directly into the port on the PC but not with the hub, it's usually the hub due to a bad hub, bad driver or a bad USB wire from hub to PC.

Do the gadgets plugged into the hub work better the closer they are to either end of the hub? Could be bad design not providing proper current across the hub.

Last thing, you get what you paid for and a cheap USB hub will provide you with as much value as what was paid. Decent 7 ports run about $40+ and they tend to work better, all guts are not created equal. Belkin or APC are my brands of choice, I'm running 21 ports on 3 hubs plus 6 ports off the motherboard (3 plugged into the hubs) 14 of which are working right now.
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