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I find them uncomfortable. Just look at the thing, it doesnt look like it was designed to go into an ear.
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I finally got my olives today and unfortunately they are too big
I tried to do the mod, changed the cores and use olives now, I can wear them for longer periods (now I can listen to 3 songs at a stretch as compared to 1 song before ), may be if the olives were a little smaller, this would have been more comfortable. To get to the point I am still unhappy with their size and fitting. I am guessing TF10s are not made for me

PS: using olives does improve the bass.
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I actually find it to be very comfortable, even more so than IEMs/Canalphones that are worn straight down. The memory wire supports the IEM and thus takes away the pulling down effect.

I'm using the ES2 cable and the Shure Olives.
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I flipped mine and they fit really well...
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What size did you order, Western? If medium (the kind of do-all size) are too large you must have small canals. If you ordered large (which I'm pretty sure you wouldn't) well, olive large are gargantuan. Assuming medium, then small olives should fit you well....I know, more expense, but it's all part of the fun of getting the right fit!
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Lots of replys

Which number do the shure olives have? EABKF1-10M (replaces PA910M) - 5 pair, medium ?
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Yep, thems 'olives'....so-nicknamed because they look like halved black olives.

BUT to get them fit Triple Fi you have to

A, stretch the inner core with needlenose pliers
B, take out the Shure core (sharp knife/nails) & insert the UE cores that are in the grey foams you get in the box.
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I have to say, i own a pair of the se 530's and i wear them all day, everyday. I operate a saw in a granite shop, so the noise is incredible loud, i throw on the 530's, and all the noise just disappears into an astonishing silence. Thats what -30db get you! lol as for their comfort, i have very small canals, so after a little experimenting i found that the small foamies were a perfect fit, and created a perfect seal.

love, live, and keep them in a protected case.....

the 530's. lol
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Mine were not very comfortable until I tried the flip-flop mod; that changed everything. They are now among the only universal fit IEMs I can stand for more than a few minutes.

fnb1, where in DK are you? I might be heading back this summer to Aarhus with some clients. If you're not in a big hurry, and live nearby, I can bring my TFs along, and you're welcome to try them out.
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I live in Middelfart, and can take a trip to Ã…rhus would love to try them! Do You use the shure olives?
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No, I just use the standard UE small grey tips, but have been thinking of trying olives. Anyway, I'll PM you if travel to DK lands on my summer calendar.
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Sounds good maybe Ill se you then

Best Regards
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I picked the Sleeks because it was more comfortable compared to the UE Triple.Fi 10.
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Before I owned the TF10 Pro I was using a pair of Sleek Audio SA6. These almost went completely inside my ear canals using the medium bi-flange. When those started to stick in my ears as I removed the earpieces, I used the large ones for about 2 weeks until I received medium bi-flange replacements.

When I got the TF10 Pro, I went straight for the bi-flange and never had any comfort issue. Maybe it was because my ear canals were "trained" by using the large flanges on the SA6, but they're so comfortable that I almost forget that they're in my ears!
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