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Are the UE Triplefi10pro really THAT uncomfy?

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Im considering to buy some new IEM, having some cx300 now and would like to upgrade. Im searching for a more balanced sound with a nice clarity and detail, but without sibliance on the top
I have read that a "lot" of people think that the triplefis are uncomfy, and the Shure se530 should be a lot more comfy, but that it should have at pretty rolled of treble and not so much clarity as the Triplefis
but would be nice to wear the IEM for some hours without having sore ears.
How do these two IEM compare to the cx300 soundwise and in comfort?

Best Regards Frank
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I don't find Triple Fi at all uncomfortable, Frank, but it really is down to each person to see for themselves. Triple Fi do have a large bore & some people just never seem to get the fit they need, or adjust to the bore diameter. But there's no golden rule -there are plenty of people with small canals who find the fit is fine...

It took me weeks to get used to wearing deep-insertion Etymotics, and I did not find Triple Fi to be anywhere close to that discomfort.

As for SQ -IMO, Triple Fi sound superb! The best I've heard yet in universal IEMs, including 530s.
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your profile doesn't say where you live, but if you're in the US, buy from soundearphones. they offer a 30-day return. So if they are uncomfortable, return them.

Must say i'm thinking of buying them again--had 'em once and thought they were a horrible fit--but ol' Stievebee is talking me into trying the shure silicone tips. Might be worth revisiting.
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I can get a very good seal with Triplefi10pro and they are comfortable in my ear. The only thing that bothers me is the over the ear design. It's not easy to put it on or take it off.
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usin the flip flop mod i found the super.fi's very comfy so the triple.fi's were a no brainer

i have to say my um1's when i had them were the best with their flush profile, but the super.fi's were not that far off for comfort.
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I wore clip on buds for years so the over ear design is second nature and they're plenty comfortable for me.
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Thanks for the answers

I live in Denmark, and I have got a pair of HD650 and some AKG k271mkII, and would like a sound in between them but a sound of the HD650 plus some more clarity would be very nice! Havent heard the tripleFis either the se530, but they should be a step up from the cx300 I guess
How is the comfort of cx300 vs. the tripleFis?
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Of course CX300 are way more comfortable than TF10. There is almost nothing on CX300 to push into your ear.

TF10 is like tight jeans: Some people love it and can wear it for days while other would rather set their behind on fire, but until you try one yourself, you won't know whether you like it or not.
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worn flipped and with the right tips, they're as comfy as any other brand of universal IEM.
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To me they are extremely uncomfortable, I tried comply tips but they are still uncomfortable(+ u loose lot of good sound with that), I have been playing with them for almost a month still don't find them comfortable, Now I am thinking of buying Shure 530 and see how they feel.
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I've never had a problem with my TF10's. They have always been totally comfortable. I can be wearing them for up to 8 hours solid some days (very low volumes - usually library environment) and they just melt away and im left with amazing sound.

Very happy customer here
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I have no problem with comfort either. I use the small ue sleeves and they are perfect for me, If the medium tip was the smallest...I'd have a comfort problem. Had them about a month and still can't wait to listen to them after work to un-wind. I prefer the over ear method no comfort issues there. I don't like the way the ety's fit w/o the over ear. No ety disrespect intended.
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I don't have much of a problem with the triple.fi. After a couple of hours I find myself readjusting them because they ache slightly though.

The SE530 are the most comfortable IEMs I've ever used. They just feel like they are not there.

I also have no problem with Etys & can listen to them to for hours without discomfort.
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im was the same as nuwidol,after an hour or two they ached slightly then i flip flopped them and can now wear them longer
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They are unconfortable if you put them in wrong and force them in.
I found that putting them in at a diagonal angle makes them fit much better.
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