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First Foray into Headphone Amps.

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Can I first add what a great forum this is, and it's given me a lot of information for my initial stab at a headphone amp.
As I'm a newbie, I thought I'd stick to a fairly sensible budget, and that's going to be max $200.
So from my investigations, the 3 amps I'm thinking of are (in no order of preference)
1. ibasso D2
2. Little Dot Mk1
3. Corda Headsix.
I have an ipod with a not-too-bad pair of audio technica SQ5's
I have so far been drawn to the ibasso, but it looks like I can get the Little Dot off ebay for a decent $125.
Can I ask everyone's opinions of my choices, and if anyone has any further suggestions, I'm open to them !
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IMO I enjoy the ibasso very much and would not think twice about recommending it
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So much to consider...
- Every amp has it's own distinctive flavor...few fall into that "transparent, straight-wire-with-gain" category (the HeadAmp line comes closest imo)...
- You're using AT-SQ5 cans now...but if you're already looking at an amp, chances are, those cans aren't the end of your journey...your sound signature preference should be considered during the amp selection process
- Do you want desktop or portable?
- Do you want an amp with a built-in DAC or maybe you don't need that?
- Tube or SS? Lots of factors to consider here!

I would suggest expanding your list of possible candidates to include some other amps that might be a bit of a stretch outside your current budget limit, and work that search function! The more you read & know, the more informed your decision will be.


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I'd highly suggest putting $200 into better headphones. It'll make enormously more of a difference.
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