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I got some good deal on Tesla E88CC and they arrived during the time my CSP-2 was out. Swapping between Jan Philips 6922 and I like what I heard so far.  Tesla sounded smoother but still retained good details.  Philips 6922 on the other hand has more "hard" sounding, which was pleasing for some instrument music but may be slightly harsh for some bright recording.  Very good complement for my music.


I also got some 5Y3GT but did not strike me with any apparent SQ change comparing to Raytheon 5U4G.  But there's too much change for today.  Maybe the difference will surface up later.

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Spending some more time with this new CSP2+ (BTW, this is the name Steve put on for now) switching back to Raytheon 5U4G and Jan Philips 6922.  After listening to the Best of Kitaro, I was totally amazed by the clarity and depth of CSP2+.  I have never remember such great sonic definition from my old CSP2.  In fact, I just did a quick switch to Phoenix (balanced) and realize that the now CSP2+ even sets up the stage a little farther than Phoenix (which is opposite to what I heard from CSP2).  But the most striking part is how realistic the sonic view is.  


To me, one of the most pleasing part of my music listening is to "see" those acoustic images and to enjoy their sonic texture. And the realistic part of CSP2+ is surprising me.


And the impact and dynamic range has also grown out of old CSP2.  I have been startled by some drum beats that I never expect to be that impactful...  It is interesting to me.

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I have compared CSP2+ with Phoenix a little bit more.  The definition of the soundstage are quite comparable, which is great and exactly fulfill the goal of my seeking.  I just discovered that the rectifier tube also has quite SQ impact.  The Raytheon 5U4G has richer sound but also lose some speed and control in the bass region.  The large drum sounds more "elastic" with Phoenix.  When I switch to Tung-sol 5Y3GT, the speed and control gained some back, but it also lost some richness of the sound.  Very interesting.  I am not sure which one is closer to the neutral and need more time to appreciate Tung-sol.


Also, interestingly 5Y3GT seems to give more gain and sounds louder than 5U4G.  I wonder if anyone familiar with the spec can explain it.  Thanks!

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Interesting findings.  I agree about the general sonic differences between the 5Y3GT and the 5U4G you described.  No clue about what might cause the gain difference, though.

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Thanks for your confirmation on the SQ difference.  It is always nice to know that.


And I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  I mentioned to Steve that some at Headfi may be interested in get CSP2 modded to CSP2+.  Steve's reply was that it may not be possible for the future cases.  (Mine may be the R&D/experimental case) The existing CPS2 owners need to sell them themselves and get CSP2+.  Steve did mention that Decware is willing to check the CSP2 for the owner so that they can get almost "certified" CSP2 for resale.  And the buyer can get transferred lifetime warranty.

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Just got information bavk from Steve re my CSP2. It was an intermediate build between the old CSP2 and the new CSP2+. According to Steve, it is sonically and functionally the same as the CSP2+. The only difference is that it has only a stereo knob for variable input gain, rather than the individual channel knobs, and the knob is next to the headphone jack rather than near the input jacks.


I am thoroughly enjoying this amp, and the adjustable input really lets me adjust the volume pot perfectly

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^^^ Glad to hear that.


Since there is almost a month gap between my old and new CSP2+, I cannot really tell what has been changed sonically.  The only thing that I appreciate constantly for this new CSP2+ is its openness and clarity.  My appreciation almost reaches the same level that I have with Phoenix.  It is quite improvement.


What's your impression on the change?  Thanks!

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I'd like to be able to tell you the difference Dukja, but I ordered this amp after much research, and then saw your posts about the modification. Steve kindly incorporated the input gain for me during production, so I haven't heard this amp without it.

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Skylab, out of interest, what are some good closed phone matches for the CSP2? I am getting grief regularly about sound leakage from my open phones and want to add a closed pair to my collection. The opens I use are primarily HD650 with the CSP2, but also K702.


It would be handy if the closed phone either has a mini xlr connector or could be modded to fit one.


Thanks in advance

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The DT770/600 are a good choice.  I also liked the JVC DX1000 with the CSP-2.

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Thanks Skylab. So i take it from your reponse the W1000X didn't cut it compared to the other two? I was thinking about the W1000X or the W5000 if I could get a pair at the right price. May have to reconsider....

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Actually I just don't really trying that combo. And I sold my CSP-2 this week, because I an upgrading to a Decware Mini-Torri :)
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Does this has anything to do with LCD-2? 

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Originally Posted by dukja View Post

Does this has anything to do with LCD-2? 

How'd you guess?

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With LCD2 occupying most of your head time, that should not be a difficult guess. 


Please do let us know how that goes.  LCD really changes the gear buying strategy here.  Now great speaker amps dually used for headphone and speaker setup suddenly become a very appealing route.  (but will also make a much more deeper hole for the bank account... )


Sorry for the sidetrack.

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