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IEM for around $100?

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I listen to

Original soundtrack scores from movies like
Lord of the Rings

So basically classical

and bands like
green day
five for fighting

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Westone UM1's can be had for that much, and are supposed to be the best earphone in this price bracket, and one of the only ones worth their full asking price. I'm about to order a set.
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In addition to the Westone UM1, there's the Denon AH-C551 and the Head-Direct RE2.
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I would take a serious look at the Altec Lansing im716's on eBay for around $80. I've never heard the Westone's but I've own the IM716's and higher-end model of the Denon's. Both are fantastic but IMHO the IM716's are a bigger bang for your buck.
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UE3 with the Westone cable and Comply foamie upgrades.
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super fi 3?
I just ordered them for $50 even
might add shure olives
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Originally Posted by swaneon View Post
super fi 3?
I just ordered them for $50 even
might add shure olives
i have a pair of these and they are lovely.

My original pair of these was damage, and after an email they were shipped off to UE HQ and replaced with a brand new pair.

UE has some great customer support, and at the low price the super fi 3's are hard to pass up.

Have had mine for over a year, and they are going strong.
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I havent used some of the other IEM's mentioned here and I'm not even sure what the line between earbuds and IEMS are but I enjoy my Sony Ex-90's. I enjoy them much more than the V-Modas I have FWIW.
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Where do you get the 3's for $50?
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Sorry to bump this after a week, but;

I was looking at getting UM1s about 6 months ago for $100, but then deleted Head-Fi from my bookmarks, wallet almost unscathed... So now I'm back, are UM1s still the best choice for that all-rounder, slightly warm sound?

[EDIT] Ok, so I searched around a more, like I knew I should have first. I've got an answer, sorry for the dumb bump. Forget this post, please.
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just as an additional comment, I listen to a lot of the same stuff (lord of the rings, coldplay, five for fighting), and they all sound great with the denon c551. I'm not sure if you've made a decision yet, but figured another $.02 couldn't hurt...
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