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CK-10 worth it?

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Hi all. I am new to this forum and was wondering if you guys can help me. I currently own a pair of E2's, which will soon be broken. I was wondering if I should get the ath-ck10's matched with olives for my next pair. I need earphones that wrap over my ears and have good seal from outside noise (I will also be using these while drumming). The ck-10's appealed to me because of their small size, but there are a few things I need to know about them. Are they durable? Do they have more bass than my E2's? And are they small enough that I can have my ear against a pillow with them in.
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Here is a picture of my E2's. You can see that the cable has slit in three places.
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There isn't a lot information about them around, but feel free to buy them and share your impressions ;]
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Also, is this the cheapest place to get them? -- Product Info

BTW, if I bought them, I wouldn't be able to share my impressions with you guys because I have no experience in headphones past E2's, MDR-7509HD, Sennheiser HD280, and some Bose crap.
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At that pricepoint ($225 ish), you have a large amount of choices from Etymotic, ATH, Shure, UE etc....pretty much all of which have models that kill the E2c in terms of SQ.

Or, if you are basically happy with the E2, would Shure not replace/repair them?
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Okay, I've auditioned the CK10s and these are just some brief impressions: compared to the disappointment of CK9, these are surprisingly decent, on par with the UE/Shure, close to Shure in terms of 'smoothness' with a nice small form factor (compared to the UEs that is). Bottom end is there, tighter bass definition compared to the E2s (my reference is the SCL2, not too sure of thats any different). Comes with silicon sleeves although I'm not too sure of the size of the nozzle. But yeah, there is quite a few choices at that price point and the warranty issue is unknown especially if you but from online stores (unless they are official dealers that is)
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Hi guys, need replacement for my CK7. So far, all the new Audio technica in-ear disappointed me. Will they come up something new?
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yes it is worth.
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